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Hi there lovely readers!

With Halloween around the corner, I thought now would be perfect to share with you beauties a jewelry range that has captured my heart of late & brought me back in touch with my darker side! As much as I love colour, I do have days where I like to embrace the darkness & become that gothic gal I remember so well again, one who was obsessed with Practical Magic, owned 456172 Henna tattoo chokers that everyone & their cat bought in bulk from Claire's (which seem to have made an epic return of late) & watched Buffy the Vampire slayer so many times that each episode could be quoted word for word. Aaah...good times. Statement accessorization played a key role as much then as it does now & that's where The Rogue & Wolf have delivered perfectly with their gorgeously gothic range...

I first came across the brand via my beloved Twitter. Once I clicked on the website to view their wares I was in pure dark gothic HEAVEN! With a wide range of chokers, rings, midi rings & earrings in unique & enchanting styles/designs to capture one within their spell, they definitely succeeded in captivating moi as my wishlist is now growing to alarming proportions!

When it came to choosing my first Rogue & Wolf pieces I opted for 'The Betray' (index finger) & 'The Hunt' (middle finger) from the Fair/Feral Collection & 'The Rune' from The Witch's Hawk Collection which I'm wearing on my ring finger. Having quite thin fingers, buying rings can always be a bit of a palava hence why midi rings are my favourite accessory as often they can work as rings on me too! 

The rings are made from an interesting black polyamide plastic material, quite different from anything I've come across or own. The designs are simple yet so feminine, elegant & look stunning on, I've been asked quite a few times when wearing these eye catching beauties where I got them from.

These beautiful pieces have been getting some serious loving for sure & I am already eyeing up more to add to my collection! The Rogue & Wolf have recently released the Lunae collection which includes the most stunning pieces designed in bronze infused stainless steel with gorgeously coloured gemstones incorporated within. Just look at this amazing Draco ring that reminds me so much of the eye of Sauron...NEED! 

I also want to mention that the lovely folks at The Rogue & Wolf are absolutely dolls! Not only was delivery super quick but their customer service & interaction on social media is so nice, which is another touch that really draws me to a brand! So my fellow witches if you wish to join the coven & nab yourself some truly unique & stunning statement pieces as well, you can find the range online.

Thanks as always for reading!    

Lotsa love to ya!

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