Halloween Nails - Skeleton Rib cages!

Hello there my lovely readers!

Squeezing in one last Halloween manicure to complete the series for this year! I hope you've enjoyed the Toxic Slime &Tombstones, Dripping Blood Tips, Jack O Lantern Pumpkins & Cartoon Stitched Hearts to help inspire you to get ghoulish on your talons! If you're looking for some gorgeously Gothic jewellery to rock this Halloween with those nails as well then do check out my previous post featuring The Rogue & Wolf. For my final Halloween mani I went for some skeleton rib cages with jewelled hearts.

To start you need a black base, here I've used two coats of the Orly Gothic again that HQ Hair kindly sent me recently & which I used in my Jack O Lantern nails. With the name & shade such as it is its just the perfect Halloween polish!

Then to create your rib cages you need white polish & a thin brush. I've used this fantastic KIKO french manicure polish, I've dug this out so many times for nail art as it comes with a tiny brush, great for detail! You can use a nail art pen as well.

To start creating the rib cage first draw on a screw like shape in the centre for the spinal cord...Then add on the hip bones by drawing two curved side V like shapes from the bottom of the spine...

Starting small, draw on the pelvis bones (I think?) by applying curved lines from the bottom of the spine right to the tips of the nails 

Then finally for the ribcage, draw on your curved lines either side of the spine. I hope that all made sense! Whilst drawing these I totally had that bones connecting song that we were all taught in school in my head...which clearly was wasted on me... O_o

For a final touch I couldn't resist sticking on a red heart rhinestone on to each rib cage before sealing with topcoat!

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Have you gone ghoulish on your nails this year?

Lotsa love to ya!

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