NOTD - Creme & Chrome Geometric Nails

Hello lovely readers!

Here is a quick mani I put together where I couldn't decide if I wanted me some vampy, creme or chrome nails...so I decided to go for all three! Go hard or go home right?

I was in the mood for some quickie nail art so opted for this geometric art deco look which I freehanded. It is of course much neater to use mani guides or tape for your angles to give you those sharp clean edges, but I think we all know by now that Patience is a trait I sorely lack, so I decided to just use my nail art brushes with the excuse that it'll help me perfect my freehand line skills...O_o

Going for the two/three tone look here, I painted the majority of my nails in this divine pink courtesy of Models Own HyperGel in Pink Veneer. Such a perfect baby pink creme in two coats for a gel like finish, I utterly love this shade & range which are also perfect for sponging!

On my ring finger I went for the vampy touch to this mani with Nails Inc Chester Square, a real golden oldie, I've reached for this many a time when I'm in need of a vampy mani fix as its one of those perfect burgundy wine gloss shades.

Now for the design which you can see is basically a triangle within a triangle. So starting on the pink nails, I first added a larger triangle using the Nails Inc Chester Square. To do this easily just apply a dot for the top point of your triangle, somewhere around the middle of the nail, then draw two angled lines going down from there using a thin nail art brush to the tips before filling in. I did the same on the burgundy nail, simply changing to the baby pink.

Next for the chrome touch, here I've used a Barry M polish which was one of the Xmas Limited Edition shades a few years back & is a pretty fuchsia pink metallic chrome. Grabbing another fine nail art brush I just added a smaller triangle inside the larger one on all the nails.

Still feeling like a little more was needed, I grabbed my dotting tool & some more of the Barry M & applied some dots along the outside of the larger triangle.

Finish it all with topcoat and your done! 

Hope you liked this design my loves, I'm in love with this colour combo & am eager to try some other combinations! I'll make the effort to try and capture as a pictorial as well next time! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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