NOTD - Thanskgiving Three Tone Ruffians!

Hey there lovely readers!

There's currently a technique that I am utterly addicted to right now & that is Ruffian Nails! If you are unfamiliar with this look, a Ruffian design is basically a french manicure....reversed. So the trademark smile line is down by the cuticle end of the nail instead of the tips as is the norm for your standard french manicure.

I actually find this look easier to do than a French Mani as you are basically just applying one shade on top of another, leaving a glimpse of the base colour showing underneath & can easily create a smile line simply using the brush from the polish.

Here I've used not one but THREE different shades to create this quadruple rufian as I got a bit overexcited & well I couldn't decide what to use. Trust me, when you have the vast number of polishes that I do, you seek every opportunity you can to incorporate as many shades as possible into each mani haha! Why use just one eh? And this is a fab technique to do just that!

I've also entered this look for my weekly nail art challenge of which the theme was Thankful...I was kinda stuck when it came to this one, as being in the UK we don't have Thanksgiving here, but after looking more closely at this design & the colour tones, I noticed that it rather bore a resemblance to Turkey Feathers...or is that just me? I definitely could detect some gobble gobble vibes...so BAM challenge met! *cough*...O_o

As mentioned, to create this design I used 3 shades. I started with my base, here I've applied only one coat of LA Colors Shocker, a vibrant pink with a blue pearl undertone.

For my remainder two shades I used two recent purchases from KIKO, whose polishes I've always loved on account of their being so affordable & fab quality! Only downer on these though is they have no names...a minor detail but one that still ruffles me! Anyhoo here we have shades 59, a bright molten yellow gold & 14, a vampy burgundy.

Starting with the gold first, I applied a coat on top of the pink, but instead of starting at the cuticle as you normally would, just start a bit higher up making sure to leave a bit of the pink showing underneath. 

Then grabbing the burgundy, using the same principal, I applied on top of the gold, only covering enough so that you can see the two shades still underneath.

And then going for the gold again, I applied a last layer on top of everything so you have your four ruffians, bar my wee little finger of course! One tip is to make sure for each layer, that your brush isn't loaded with too much polish, otherwise you'll risk flooding the whole nail. 

Finish with topcoat & your done! Easy peasy huh? I'm itching to try this look with dozens of different colours! Maybe I'll challenge myself & see if I can do a look with as many ruffians squeezed on as possible...Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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