NOTD - Geode Nails plus Step by Step Tutorial

Hey there lovely readers!

When it comes to one of the biggest nail art trends to hit 2017, I think its safe to say that Geode nails were definitely a fore runner & has been one of the most popular looks of the year. 

What are Geode nails exactly? Think Amethysts, Jade, Crystals & other semi precious stones/rocks carved in half & the pretty designs magically revealed within the rock being then recreated into a fantabulous funky nail art design!

Yup move aside Galaxy nails its all about the Geode baby! And as usual here's moi jumping on the hype light-years after everyone else...story of my life really...O_o

There are many ways you can do a Geode nail art look, I really want to try them all! And I was happy to discover that it wasn't as complicated to do as I'd anticipated! This particular Geode design I'm sharing with you today was inspired by one of my favourite nail artists on Instagram @Hanninator. Hanna creates the most stunning nail art videos on IG & her skills blow my mind! So thank you for the inspo lovely!

I decided to go for blue tones with this Geode design adding some rose gold sparkle to create that gemstone look! You can use as many or as few different colours as you like, here I've used 4 different shades of blue. If you want to give this look a go too then here is a quick step by step pictorial on how I achieved this look, so carry on reading!

Begin with painting the whole nail with one base of white polish, here I've used my favourite white, Marshmallow by Primark. This is one coat & look how opaque! One of the reason why its my HG & at just 90p a bottle thats just ridiculous!

Now its time to grab the trusty nail art brush! Starting with your first blue polish, this is the stunning Blue Crush, another gem by Primark & is the most beautiful, vibrant cobalt blue. Seriously folks...you NEED Primark polishes in your life. Using your nail art brush create a wiggly V like trail starting at one edge of the nail like shown. This will be the first layer of our Geode.

Either using the same nail art brush or a clean one, grab your next blue shade, this is is the beautiful British Blue, a gorgeous baby blue creme by another one of my absolute favourites & no stranger on this here blog, True Brit London. Following the same general pattern of the first V, apply this next to it in the same fashion.

For the next layer I picked another beauty from True Brit London in the shade Chelsea which has some super pretty opalescent shimmer making it sparkle & glow thus making it perfect for the Geode look! Again with the nail art brush apply this in the same way along the edge of the previous shade.

Sods law that I couldn't find a very pale light blue polish at the time of doing this, but what I did have was some acrylic paint in the perfect colour. So I used that instead for my next layer! Improvisation yo...

Almost there! Going back in with our first blue, the Blue Crush, add on a last layer to your Geode if you can fit it on, otherwise mosy on to the final step....

Well second to final step actually which is to add some magical sparkle to our Geodes to make them true gemstones. For my sparkle here I've used the stunning Daydreamer by ILNP which I have been utterly obsessed with of late & using any opportunity to dig out. Using a fine nail art brush, apply your sparkle haphazardly in between various layers.

The actual last step is of course adding a lovely thick coat of topcoat to make your Geode nails glossy & shine!

And you have your gemstone Geode nails ready to rock! (pun may be intended...)

What do you think? It might seem complicated to do but honestly once you get going it really is a breeze!

And because no gemstone is the same you don't have to worry about perfection with this sort of look which you know I am ALL for... 

So better late than never eh? What do you think, are you digging the Geode nail trend too?

Thanks as always for reading! Do let me know if you give these a try!

Lotsa love to ya!

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