NOTD - Moustache Nails for Movember plus Tutorial

Hey there lovely readers!

You may be aware already that during the month of November, many menfolk partake in Movember, a great initiative where the month is spent abstaining from shaving & an attempt to grow some stellar facial hair goes into effect, the purpose being to raise awareness for men's health issues & specifically cancer. 

Both men AND women can get involved of course & whilst I pride myself on my hair growing skills & could probably achieve a tash that would put Poirot to shame (asian girl problems) I though I would save the world from that sight & instead use my more well known other hobby to do my bit....nail art of course! 

This is my first attempt at Moustache nail art so be kind to me! As first tries go I don't think they came out too badly & I love the completed look of the whole mani altogether with the pink & glitter details.

If you want to take part this month & create yourself some Movember nails as well then I've also done a quick step by step tutorial on how to create this Moustache design...so lets start!

Begin with your base shade, here I've used two coats of True Brit London's Dolly Mixture. Its been a while since I've reached for my True Brit polishes & shame on me! Using this shade again especially has reminded me why I fell in love with this brand so hard! A beautiful sugary baby pink creme, Dolly Mixture is an absolute dream to apply & leaves the most gorgeous, glossy almost gel like finish.

Now to begin creating our Moustache! For this all you'll need is some black polish, a fine nail art brush & a double ended dotting tool to create two different sized dots.

Starting with the larger side of the dotting tool, dip into some black polish & apply two dots side by side on the nail.

Then switching over to use the smaller end of the dotting tool, again dip in your polish & add two smaller dots horizontal to the larger dots leaving a little gap (you can of course use a toothpick as well)

Now switching your dotting tool to the nail art brush, using more polish, join up one side, starting from the large dot connecting it to the small one, using a curved line.

Do the same on the other side!

Then using some more black polish, go back in with your brush & define each side of the Moustache until you have a finished look that your happy with.

You know I can't resist a bit of sparkle & I was itching to try my new ILNP polish in the shade DayDreamer & OMG... IT SO PURDY! A stunning flamingo pink opaque glitter with holographic pigments & silver flakes...I just can't handle...*faints*

Using the dotting tool again I applied 3 dots of Daydreamer in descending size on each nail bar my little finger where I couldn't resist going to town & coating the whole nail, two coats for total opacity...friggin amazeballs!

Finish of course with topcoat, waiting a while before applying so that the black doesn't drag, which as you know, I am a victim! Let me tell you there is nothing more frustrating than finishing a time consuming design, only to ruin it at the last hurdle with that topcoat layer!

I hope you like this look as much as I do! And you can totally have fun with different types of Mustaches too! I've seen many a Fu Manchu & Handlebar looks that look fabulous!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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