NOTD - Falling Feathers!

Hi there lovely readers!

Hope you are all well & had a good Halloween & Bonfire Night! I had so much fun putting together this years Halloween themed nail art, I hope you enjoyed them too! But, as sad as it makes me, tis time to close the door on the spookiness (for now!) However tis not quite December yet (seriously though, WHERE has this year gone?!) so before we get stuck in with all things FESTIVE, that still gives me November to squeeze in some other manicures, including a few fall themed designs, as it is my favourite time of year after all!

Today I have for you this Floating Feather manicure, I've seen so many feather designs for nail art & have been itching to try out for myself. I'll be honest, there were a LOT of mani FAILS, with my feathers coming out looking more like fish bones...O_o I think I just attempted far too overly complicated designs, so I decided to simply things with a pretty yet plain base & using monochrome colours for my feathers armed with a super fine nail art brush.

For my base I used two coats of this lovely pale purple creme polish from Accessorize called Lalala Lilac, I dig lilacs so much & this is a lovely grey toned shade. Also isn't the bottle just gorgeous? Reminds me of the crystals from Crystal Maze!

After applying my second coat I wanted to add a bit of dimension to the base, so I reached for some Born Pretty Store Chameleon Powder, which I've blogged in more detail HERE, and using my finger, swiped the powder over the lilac until I had a lovely ethereal, unicorn shimmer!

To create my feathers I used the thinnest of my nail art brushes & starting with the black, freehanded one side of my feather. Simply draw a thin curved line over the nail, which will be the length of the body of your feather, then on one side of this line, apply thin strokes of black polish for the wispy feathers, starting with longer lines, before gradually becoming smaller.

Then grabbing a white polish, I did the exact same thing, applied the white along side the black body of the feather, then using the same quick strokes motion, applied white feathers to the other side.

As this is me, I couldn't resist adding a bit of sparkle to the design, so using a simple blue holographic glitter from Claire's, I applied me some sparkle along the centre of my feathers.

To finish I also added a few small silver ball decorations to the bottom (or top?) of my feathers before finishing with topcoat to seal & shine!

Hope you liked the Feathers dolls! The trick here I've found is to have super thin nail art brush to achieve those very thin feathery wisps. Apologies for the less than decent pics there, lighting was not cooperating that eve...blogger problems! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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