The £1.30 Stila Glitter & Glow Eyeshadow Dupe!

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No your eyes are NOT deceiving you dear ones you read that title right...So yah, I'm pretty darn excited to share this post with you today but before I continue I must mention that 100% credit for this goes to the lovely blogger Gemma aka Gemmaetc, who first brought these to my attention! I was casually perusing her lovely blog (if you haven't checked her out already, rectify!) when I saw her post on this particular product pop up on her sidebar, so naturally rushed to click!

I, like the majority of the beauty world, went complete starry eyed over the stunning Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows when they were released. Gorgeous glittery cream formula eye-shadows to create beautiful metallic sparkly looks, I naturally gained the almighty urge to own them...until I saw the £23 price tag that is....OUCH. Yeah that bought your girl back down to earth with a reality splat. 

However one thing I have learned is that patience is a virtue in the beauty world & when a cult product hits the market then inevitably, a dupe will eventually follow. There is a lot of mixed opinion when it comes to dupe products but I for one am down because readers, mumma didn't raise no fool & as much as I would love to have the latest Huda Beauty THIS or Anastasia Beverly Hills THAT, there is no way one can, without thinking twice, easily hand over £50 here & £40 there for latest hyped palette! Makeup Revolution are one brand who are winning the game here & I already own a few of their palettes which are fabulous dupes to high end palettes including Huda Beauty & ABH.

But I digressed there slightly, back to these babies! These cream glitter Stila dupes are by a brand called Heng Fang & can be purchased online via AliExpress. Now this was another thing that I had no idea about but apparently has been around for a while? AliExpress is huge online store of beauty & makeup products as well many other random tidbits including, to my absolute joy at discovering, nail art supplies! Huzzah! However its worth noting that you could be waiting a while for your purchase. These for example took about a month to arrive but I'm quite used to waiting that length of time as a lot of my nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store usually also take around a month to arrive, I suppose that's the minor catch when buying from Asia based stores!

The Heng Fang Cream Glitter Eyeshadows come in 6 different shades & retail for a ridiculous £1.30 each with free UK delivery...so when debating which shades to get it was pretty much a no brainer with the decision to get them all! I decided against the black shade 2 however as I was only really interested in the silver, bronze & golds! The shadows come in individual sealed boxes & within you'll find the tube packaging with doe foot applicator of a similar design to the Stila one. 

As I don't own a Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow I can't exactly do a comparison but I can for sure share with you the pretty swatches of these & let me tell you...these babies GLOW. Not only are they super pigmented but the sparkle pay off is most satisfying! You'll have to forgive me as I'm hardly a pro swatcher, nail art being more my thang, but I did my best for you!

First up we have shade 1 which is the Silver in this collection & damn if that ain't a stunning Silver! So molten & pigmented!

Here is shade 3 which is a super pretty Copper glitter,

Next up is shade 4, a beautiful bold Bronze glitter,

Shade 5 is the gold in the collection & simply stunning!

And finally we have shade 6 which I think is my favourite of the lot & a beautifully unique Rose Gold glitter shade & incredibly pigmented!

Heres another look of all the 5 shades together, I would say that the slightly out of focus blurred shot was intentional to bring out the sparkle factor of these babies but I fear my nose would grow like Pinocchio's on that wee fib....alas it is pretty much my not so masterful photography skills :) BUT LOOK AT THAT SPARKLE THOUGH

Of course it is not on the arms that I'll be wearing these shadows, the truth is in the testing & the question is...do these deliver on the eyes? Well I am happy to tell you that these look AB FAB on the eyes sweetie darling! So far Ive used that divine rose gold & the payoff is dazzling! I cannot wait to play some more with these beautiful glitters in lots of fun makeup looks!

You can find the Heng Fang Glitter Cream Eyeshadows on AliExpress HERE. Just snap them up babes, at that price how could ya not?! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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