NOTD - Dr Seuss The Cat In The Hat Nails

Hey there lovely readers!

Something a tad, crazy & quirky, for today's nail art I think  is an apt way ti describe this design hah!

After my Rudyard Kipling The Jungle Book Nails in my last post HERE, I wanted to have a play & throw together another design for the Children Books theme prompt in the Instagram nail art challenge I'm partaking in this month & one of my favourite books was the fabulous Dr Seuss's The Cat In The Hat  (lol are you even surprised?! Shock horror right there huh?)

Yup the surreal yet wonderful world of Dr Seuss & this anthropomorphic cats antic forever put a smile on this crazy cat ladies face & whilst not an exact replication...this here is my interpretation of the little wee rascal... 

A lot of (less than perfect) freehand going on there but I think I've gotten my intent across! I started with applying a black french tip as this here would act as The Cat. The simple addition of a couple of white dots & pupils made this happen.

For The Hat I just free handed a tall curved top hat shape above the cat in white polish, Primarlk Marshmallow, before filling the whole shape in.

Then grabbing some red in the form of Gucci Iconic Red I added on some red stripes using a fine nail art brush.
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I then grabbed an even finer nail art brush & using black polish, outlined the hat & lines so that they stand out.

For a final touch & extra pow wow sparkle I went in with a teeny bit of red glitter polish, this is an indie polish I ought yonks ago by Tara's Talons called Not A Custom, before finishing it all with topcoat! 

Sometimes its nice to go off the rails...for me more often than not! I hope you liked this silly manicure too! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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