NOTD - Birds Of A Feather

Hey there lovely readers!

I'm in two minds about this nail art look & was almost not going to post it but meh...I was so in love with that mesmerizing magnetic base (if not so much the design itself) that here it is anyhoo!

So the next theme in my Instagram nail art challenge was #BirdsOfInstagram & this is what I came up with. The initial intention was to create some elegantly swooping Swallow like birds but the result seems to have become more like the Obese Seagull. I clearly need to practice my free hand birds...A LOT ;) But hopefully you get the idea! 

But with this mani...its is ALL about that base. I don't think I will EVER tire of magnetic polishes. Even though they've been around for a long while, every time I use one my mind is still blown by the science. Yes I'm easily amused. But the effect is just so incredibly cool & stunning!

This here is W7 polish I picked up in B&M which sadly has no name so will simply be, Turquoise Blue. With the polish comes the small magnet which transforms the otherwise plain polish into a beautiful magnetic effect. Definitely have a hunt around your local B&M store for these & nab them as the Magnetic power of these ones is the bomb. To use simply apply your first coat on all the nails, then doing one nail at a time, apply your second coat & hover the magnet over the wet polish until the magic effect appears. Playing around with different angles can create different finishes.

For a touch of bling I added on these super pretty jewel stickers I had lying around in my nail art stash which I applied by the bed of my nails to border the cuticle nicely.

And then came the birds...O_O These, as mentioned, were attempted freehand with some white polish, with the pinky being adorned with some simple wee birds depicted from a farther distance...may have been better if they were all that far away haha! I decided to make them look more bird like with added black detail on the wings & body but I think my poor birds were beyond saving.

Oh well, everyone has their good and bad days! And to be honest this is why I love challenging myself with my nail art as that's how one improves non? Thanks as always for reading, until next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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