Disney Nail Art Series - The Jungle Book Shere Khan Inspired Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

As you may know about me now, I love challenging myself when it comes to nail art so I really enjoy partaking in various nail art challenges on Instagram as there are usually lots of interesting themes & prompts to get the creative juices flowing.

I'll be attempting a few manis for the Clairestelle8April challenge so most of the designs you'll see this month will be for that! One of the prompts is "Childrens Books" & the first book that came to mind for me was Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book...not only one of my favourite books but a wonderful Disney film too of course! SO I guess I'm killing two birds with one stone here & have another addition to my Disney Nail Art Series!

One of the key characters/villains is of course the terrifying yet awesome Shere Khan. For some reason despite his intimidating presence I still found Shere Khan hilarious, probably due to George Sanders wonderful voice in the film! I've been prone to doing leopard spots when in need of an animal print fix on account of them being so quick & easy, so I thought it was time to get the stripes out again for my Shere Khan nail look...

The base gives me much joy, you can probably detect a slight duo-chrome shimmer to the orange there which was achieved by applying a coat of Models Own Beetlejuice polish in Tropical Sun over the top of Orly Orange Punch. I absolutely LOVED the second Beetlejuice collection which also featured Indian Ocean, another fav of mine. These polishes are perfect for applying over others to immediately transform them into something magical! 

I applied this combo on to each nail bar my pinkie on to which I applied a coat of Pretty Serious Haddonfield on top of the Orly, a delightfully sparkly orange glitter with touches of black in there, making it the perfect accent for my tiger manicure.

I created the tiger print itself using black polish and a nail art brush, freehanding my lines across the nails, sometimes joining two together to create a V, keeping some lines smaller & thicker than others, just play around with your print design & go with the flow!

A bit of fauna was required for the "Jungle" touch so I freehanded on a palm leaf to the pointer & middle finger using a mixture of light & dark greens & white polish for the details.

And finally for the main accent on my ring finger I decided to try a create Sheer Khan's eye. Or attempt one anyhoo haha! To do this I drew a teardrop like eye shape using black polish before filling in. I then used the gorgeous Enchanted Polish glitter in Hello New York, which is a stunning antique gold glitter, to create the iris. Then into the iris I added a large black dot with a smaller white dot in the centre for the pupil.

Topcoat to finish!  Hope you liked this design my lovelies! I'm definitely going to be rocking tiger print nails more often! You can catch all of my designs for my Disney Nail Art Series HERE. Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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