Halloween Nails - Ghoulish Yin Yang Ghosts!

Hello there lovely readers!

We are officially now in my favourite time of year, Autumn & October with its abundance of candles & cosy nights soothes my soul greatly & of course most importantly tis October which holds the best holiday of all...Halloween!

Not sure how one will be marking the occasion this year, every time plans are made I always seem to end up changing mind last minute & having a low key celebration...lets see how it pans out this year. In the run up to the big day, you know I like to get into the spirit of things in my favorite way of course!

I have lots of ideas floating around, though how many of these will actually see the light of day remains to be seen. But lets start things of with a ghoulish vibe shall we with some spooky ghost nails with a Yin Yang twist! I saw this design on YouTube & absolutely LOVED the idea of incorporating two tone ghosts to form a Yin Yang symbol, easy to do on account of their curvy ghoulish shapes.
For this you need a black & white however...epic FAIL here, I did this mani at my folks place & realised I don't have a white polish in my stash there! Woops! So that situation needs to be rectified at some point. Instead I used a a pale grey which I though a decent enough alternative to white as ghosts are kinda grey toned anyway...right? I mean not that I actually believe in them or anything...O_o *coughs*
Starting with your white, or in my case grey here, one of my favourites actually by Zoya & goes by the name of Kristen, lovely is she, apply two coats to all your nails.
Next grab a thin nail art brush & your black polish & taking your time, apply an S like curved line in the middle of the nail. You then fill in the right hand side of the S with your black polish & you have your Yin Yang.
Now for the Ghost details, this couldn't be simpler, just grab your dotting tool, or in my case I actually used the end of my nail art brush as aforementioned I was away from my supplies so improvisation was required! Dipping the end into the grey polish I dotted on two eyes before going in with a smaller black then white dot to complete. 
Then underneath add on a triangular gaping mouth using a nail art brush.
Now do the same on the grey side aka the upside down ghost, only using black first for the dots & mouth.
Finish with topcoat & you have you Ghoulish Yin Yang Dark & Light Ghosts! Hope you liked the first instalment of this years Halloween Nail Art! Stay tuned for more creepy creations! You can have a peek at all of my previous Halloween Nail Art designs HERE.

Lotsa love to ya!

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