Halloween Nails - Jack O Lantern Pumpkins

Hello there lovely readers!

Now I hadn't planned on doing Pumpkin nails for Halloween this year, however the other day I found myself doodling away whilst on hold on the phone, as you do, & after my call was done I looked down to see I'd drawn me my very own pumpkin patch filled with grinning Jack O' Lanterns...
Naturally on account of this other worldly sign inf the universe, as soon as I was able to, I reached for some suitably orangey polishes in my stash & threw together this quick Grinning Jack O Lantern Pumpkin mani!
I love this design on account of how easy & straightforward it was to create & I recalled seeing a similar design on one of my fav bloggers Lucy's Stash blog a few years back. Thank you for the inspo as always Lucy!
Start with your base colour, here I decided to go down the soft pastel route rather than full on vibrant orange, here I've two coats of Face of Australia Would You Like Some Orange Sherbert?

To give my base a bit more va va voom I applied one coat of Models Own Tropical Sun on top to give a lovely iridescent glow.

Next for the Pumpkin curvatures I grabbed a Maybelline polish in Red Grained, a burnt red orange shade & using a thin nail art brush, applied two curved lines down the whole nail.

Then for the Jack O Lantern face details I used a thin nail art brush with some black polish & freehanded on two pointed triangles for the eyes, an upside V for the nose & some zig zags & semicircle for the grin.

On my little finger I applied two coats of Pretty Serious Haddonfield as I couldn't NOT use it, its simply Halloween with its pow wow orange glitter and black fleck detail!

Finish with your obligatory topcoat & you're done! Hoping to squeeze in one last mani before the big day next week! I think I have an idea in mind on how to end this years series...ps it involves Disney...stay tuned!
Lotsa love to ya!

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