Halloween Nails - Spooky Cemetery Scene!

Hey there lovely readers!

Time for another Halloween mani! I've never done a Cemetery/Graveyard scene design before yet always loved seeing so many interpretations, so when this theme popped up as one of the prompts in an Instagram nail art challenge, I though it high time I give it a go!
Whilst I'm not entirely happy with my freehand Cemetery design itself, I'm still absolutely in love with this mani, especially that base!

I think my main issue here was my base colour choice being too dark for the black painted on design on top to stand out, but I really wanted to have a blue/purple ombre to depict an eery night sky so hey ho!
For my base as you can see I went for an ombre, so I started with painting all my nails with one coat of white. I used Primark Marshmallow which I think may be my most favourite white EVER. I can't believe its only 90p a bottle, next time I'm passing through Primarni I must remember to grab back ups for my back ups!
Once the white is dry, I then applied a latex barrier around the nails as the next step would be sponging. You can read up on latex barriers to help make nail art easier to clean HERE. I didn't actually use the Mitty barriers this time, instead opting for THIS liquid one I picked up from Born Pretty Store. Its not as good in my opinion, I definitely prefer the Mitty barriers as you don't have to wait for the latex to dry & peeling off is much easier as well.

Sticking with good old Primark I used the shades Grape Soda & Blue Crush. Painting both colours side by side on a makeup sponge, I went in with the usual dabbing motions to create the ombre effect. The white base helps the sponging look more opaque as well as making the colours pop!

I could have kept it at that but I wanted to add some sparkly stars to my night sky so on top of the ombre went one coat of Topshop Adrenalin

Now that my base was done I grabbed a fine nail art brush & some black acrylic paint & went ahead & attempted to create a creepy Cemetery/Graveyard scene, with a few spooky trees and of course tombstones. 
Like I said, not entirely happy with the scene itself but overall I think its clear what I was going for anyways haha!

Finish it all with a thick coat of topcoat & done! Hope you liked my lovelies! Have a wee peek at all of ym Halloween nail art HERE. Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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