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Ever since the chrome nail trend took off, its been my mission to achieve shiny sci fi mirror chrome metallics but without the hassle of gels. A few months back I reviewed the delightful Chameleon Powder, or Unicorn Powder as I prefer to call it, from Born Pretty Store, which whilst giving a super pretty shimmer duochrome finish, didn't fully satisfy my chrome needs. So the hunt continued & eventually my prayers were answered by European brand IsaDora who have released a special magic dust that 1) Not only works with regular polish but 2) Gives a metallic chrome finish...HUZZAH!
When I contacted the folks at IsaDora inquiring as to when this glorious powder will reach our shores & was informed that FeelUnique would be stocking end of April. However Miss Impatience me at the time couldn't wait that long & thankfully, I managed to find it on Nelly.Com (shout out to the fab Jane aka British Beauty Blogger for the heads up on that!) who happened to be having a wee sale at the time so I managed to get an extra 20% off my order woop!

With the IsaDora Chrome powder, you are given the option of applying over four shades, each giving a different metallic finish. Black transforming into a true silver, Orange a vintage gold, Pale Blue for an icy silver blue & Pink for a rose gold finish. You also need to purchase the special Chrome Nails Fixing Topcoat that goes with the powder, a special formulation which won't  dull the chrome finish that an ordinary topcoat will do. 

Now I didn't see it necessary to purchase all four of the colours, I mean if its compatible with regular polish then any should do right? But I wanted to try with one of the IsaDora Wonder Nails polishes so I picked up the Pink Lemonade shade as I wanted me some Rose Gold nails! But I've also tried it with another polish & I am happy to report that the results were equally stunning!

Eager to try the Rose Gold look first naturally, I mean I think we can agree that Rose Gold is everything, I decided to skip the basecoat stage (grudgingly I'll confess as I'm a stickler for habit, plus protecting the nails!) as I wasn't certain if this would effect the finished result. So I went straight in & applied just one coat of the IsaDora Pink Lemonade, which is all you need.

Now for the fun part, grabbing my little pot of magic dust, I waited a few minutes until the polish was not completely dry but still tacky. Dipping the tip of my finger into the powder, as a little goes a long way, I then began to swipe the powder along the surface of the nail, gliding up & down which will gradually transform your pink polish into this simply swoon worthy rose gold metallic finish

Isn't it gorgeous? I could not get enough of twisting my hand this way and that, gazing at the beautiful rose gold goodness from every perceivable angle!

Finish with the special topcoat & you have your Rose Gold chrome nails! I did experience some difficulty covering the whole nail as you can see from the photos with the polish line still visible around the edges but that was mostly due to my impatience & I think next time I'll use a latex barrier to protect the skin around the nail as it did take a while to wash of the shimmer from the skin. But I'm all for glowing like a unicorn 24/7 so that's not a huge issue for me.

I was eager to see if this would work with any polish so I next tried it over Barry M Blueberry Gelly Hi Shine which is a beautiful baby blue creme & oh my god the results...

*CLUTCHES CHEST* Okay...my reaction is partly due to the fact this was actually a mani FAIL...in that I decided to see what an ordinary topcoat would do & the answer was...CRINKLE LIKE A MOFO. BUT...despite the crinkling (which if I'm honest I actually kinda dig & I'm not just saying that to soothe my soul) I absolutely LOVED the frosty tin foil silver chrome finish which I jazzed up even more with pretty pale blue stones & silver beads. Hence why I needed to use the normal topcoat...to seal them in place. Apologies but I somehow accidentally deleted all my pics that I took of the silver mani so this is just a snap of my IG story...woops! Well when your on a FAIL roll I guess...

But now that I know this lovely magical dust works over any polish I can't wait to try it over black & other shades! So HUZZAH, we can finally achieve chrome nails without gel! I've also recently purchased another magical dust that goes by the AWESOME name of Dragon Powder from WhatsUp Nails which I can't wait to try...I have a cool design idea in my head that was inspired by an amazing artist I follow on Instagram....post to come soon! 

You can find the Isadora nail range as mentioned before on FeelUnique as well as Nelly.Com :)

Thanks as always for reading! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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