Halloween Nails - Blood and Bats!

Hello there lovely readers!

Here we are at Halloween Mani number 3 already! 

Every year I like to roll out a gory blood themed mani of some kind for Halloween, usually in the form of delightful drips. When this weeks theme in my nail art challenge came up as Vampire/Bats I decided to just put the two together & rustle up this Bats & Blood manicure, killing two birds (or bats in this case) with one stone....
I did a similar Bat Tips mani last year which I really loved so opted to go for the bat tips again!

I was initially going to paint the tips yellow, but worried it would be a bit too Batman in look, which as much as I love, wasn't the vibe I really wanted to go for with this manicure...
So instead of the yellow I applied some Nails Inc London to the tips of my nails which is a lovely beige toned nude creme, you don't need to worry about applying this super neatly as the Bat design will be going slightly above on top.
For the bats I used Body Shop polish in Smoky Rose & with a fine nail art brush, drew on my bats. Starting with a teardrop like shape in the middle of the tip for the body, then using curved lines coming out from either side for the wings. Finish with two pointy ears & you have your bat tips!
This is such a fab way to add a Halloween touch to a bog standard French Manicure if you are wanting to get in to the spirit of things but not go for too much.
Next comes the dripping blood from the cuticles! When doing a drip look manicure I tend to do my drips from the tips, however this time I thought bleeding cuticles would be a fun challenge & I'm pretty happy with the look!
For my blood I used a favourite of mine, Nails Inc in Chester Square which is a gorgeously gothic dark red, perfect for creating my blood. To create the drips, simply draw 3 lines coming down from the cuticles using a thin nail art brush, at the tips of these add on a dot of red using a dotting tool, then using the fine brush again & more polish, smoothen & curve out the edges to depict drops whilst also adding some around the cuticle to form a pool of blood. Lovely!
Finish it all with a nice thick coat of top coat, especially needed to make that blood look lovely & glossy & you're done!

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Catch all of my Halloween themed nail looks HERE.

Lotsa love to ya!

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