NOTD - 3 Point Curve Nails!

Hello there my lovely readers!

I hope you're all having a good week so far? Eager for the weekend already, mostly because this crazy cat lady is currently parted from miss kitty/psychopath/spawn of Satan whom, if you follow me on Instagram are more than familiar with her cute comical ways. I'm currently away from home & the folks are away also so madam has been in the cat hotel where she is no doubt wondering where her the heck her owners have buggered off to...O_O 

Some super simple nail art for you today my beauts, so much so why you can even do it with your eyes closed! I was at a bit of a loss on what to name it, I always do get stuck with that I admit...I mean I'm nowhere near cool enough to use song lyrics or anything poignant like that in my post titles haha! However going by how this design is done I settled for 3 point curve nail art & simply roll with it.

Firstly though apologies for the horrendous quality pics! These were quickly snapped on my phone. I normally like to neaten my photos as much as I can & the editing platform I use (Photobucket) has been having problems, so frustrating! If you know of any good alternative to Photobucket please do share!

I was in the mood for some pastel & metallic action so decided to go for a lovely light milky pink base using Sally Hansen In The Flesh which I picked up in Poundworld. I've recently found some fab Sally Hansen polishes in that which is considered my most favoured of polish hunting grounds, so do have a looky! 

This was two coats applied, Sally Hansen formulas really are delightful, especially my experience with this range in particular. Isn't the pale, almost white pink just so scrummy? And to think it only cost a quid...high fives!

Next for the arty part, I decided to use the gorgeous Models Own Chrome Rose polish which is exactly what it says on the tin...a pretty rose tinted metallic giving a lovey rose gold finish. I have one polish which I always say EVERY girl needs in her collection & that's Models Own Pink Fizz. Trust me, you won't regret it & I'd say this one would also be a MUST HAVE, especially for my fellow rose gold lovers.

For this design simply grab a fine nail art brush, dip into your polish which you'll already have dolloped on to a piece of card/foil/paper, then glide the brush straight down the centre of the nail, starting at the cuticle & finishing at the tip. 

Then using the same brush & more polish, draw one curved line on the left from the top point by the cuticle....& then another curving to the right. And...thats it! Finish with obligatory top coat & you're done.  It actually reminds me of a birds footprint! But I don't think Crows Feet would've made a good name for this...O_o 

***EDIT*** - Thanks to the lovely @Yahyah56 suggestion on Twitter that this mani bares quite a strong resemblance to the delightful Prince Andrei's uniform from BBC's new drama War and Peace! So henceforth this manicure will be titled "War & Peace"....or "Dishy Prince From Historical Drama That Makes Girls Swoon"...either or will suffice ;)

Thanks for reading lovelies & catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!

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