NOTD - Valentine's Holo Pink Roses Tutorial

Hello there lovely readers!

Out of all the ENDLESS nail art possibilities in the universe, there is one look in particular that will forever remain a firm favourite of mine & that is FLORALS!

Yup in spite of my cold black heart, I am definitely at my happiest when I am wearing some sort of pretty, feminine floral fixture on my nubbins & there are so many ways to achieve it which are easier to do than you think!

I was in the mood for pink tones as you can see & what with Valentines Day around the corner I threw together this Holo Pink Floral design which of course can be worn ALL year round not just Valentines ;)

My bloom of choice was some pink roses, one of my favourites to do! If you like this look too and want to have a go at creating then keep on reading for a step by step pictorial...

Start with applying your base colour, as the title suggests I was in the mood for a touch of holographic goodness so reached for one of my Colour Club holos in the shade Halo-Graphic which as you can see has a delightful soft pink tone!

Next for our roses, I chose to add about 3 roses in various formations/sequences to each nail. For my rose shade I used Lime Crime Parfait Day which is the yummiest vibrant pink creme. Using the brush from the polish, simply add on 3 blobs of polish like so...

Now for the detail to make these blobs look like roses! Using a different tone of pink, this is a lovely fuchsia glass fleck polish I picked up on my travels, grab a fine nail art brush & start with applying a dot in the centre of your blob. Then around the dot add small curved lines to depict petals, gradually going out to the edge.

Next some fauna is required, again using a fine nail art brush & a pastel-y green polish, this is Ulta3 in Sea Breeze Swirl that my lovely pal Chelle sent me from Oz, draw on some leaves amongst your roses, about 3 should do!

To add some detail & definition to your leaves, grab a darker green shade, here I've used Models Own Hypergel in Ebony Green & add on some tiny lines at the bottom of your leaves.

For a final touch I added a pretty pink rhinestone in the centre of one of the roses on each nail. Apply a nice thick coat of topcoat to seal your design & that...is..it!

Some pretty florals to rock this Valentines! Didn't I tell you it was easy? Hope you liked the look beauts. Thank you as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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