NOTD - Sharp Galactic Nails!

Hello there lovely readers!

You may recall a while back I blogged about the stunningly pretty Chameleon flakies from Beauty Big Bangs that give a magical dragon skin finish to your nails when applied over polish. If not then go have a peek at its prettiness HERE.

Needless to say I became completely obsessed with the stuff & next created a Dragon Egg nail design using another shade of Chameleon Flakies, 4A, which were perfect for the finished look I wanted to achieve. I also did a step by step tutorial on this look as well which you can check out in detail HERE f you want to have a go at recreating yourself!.

Well as you can see the Chameleon love continues & I was eager to use the flakies again in another design, this time some sharp edged galactic nails!

These were inspired by a design I saw the lovely @Hanninator do on Instagram, she is honestly my nail oracle & one of my favouirte artists to follow as she creates some fabulous yet easily attemptable designs.

For this look I started by simply painting the entire nail with a coat of Models Own Raven Red Hypergel, but you can of course use black.

Once my base was completely dry, an application of speed dry topcoat helps with this, I then cut out two squares of cellotape & stuck these down at a 45 degree angle on the nail to create a sharp triangle shape. You can of course use mani guides, vinyls etc. I just had cellotape so thats what I used!

Taking the dark polish again, I then applied another coat on top of the guides, waiting a short while until the polish is almost dry but still tacky.

Then grabbing my Chameleon flakies, this is shade 3A & sponge applicator, I dabbed the flakies onto the centre triangle, before going in with my finger to buff the flakies in. 

You can now remove your cellotape guides so you are left with your duochrome Chameolon triangle accent.

For a final step I grabbed a sparkly silver, here I've used Primark's Sherbet Dip, which whilst pretty was perhaps a tad too thick in formula for this, but hey ho! Using a fine brush I applied a silver outline along the edge of the triangle.

Finish with topcoat & you're done! You can find the Chameleon flakies in a number of shades on the Beauty Big Bangs website. Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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