Disney Nail Art Series - Queen Of Hearts!

Hey there lovely readers!

Its been a while since I've added a new look to my Disney Nail Art Series so I'm rectifying that today by dipping my toe into perhaps my favourite & most relatable Disney film...Alice In Wonderland! Now there are SO many different looks one can create & I definitely plan on visiting this Disney film a few times but I though I'd start with the diva herself...the Queen of Hearts!
I wasn't initially planning on sharing this manicure on the blog, as it was sort of a mani fail, but seeing as its Valentines soon & this nail look is not only dedicated to the Queen of Hearts but also couldn't be MORE Valentines in theme if it tried I'm going to roll with it anyways!

I've had this Nails Inc Alexa Hearts polish in my stash for yonks & have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to dig it out...well I'd say Valentines is pretty apt don't you? This polish was part of the collaboration Alexa Chung did with Nails Inc a while back & is basically what it says on the tin...pretty red heart shaped glitters! 

I wanted to keep in with the whole romantic theme so opted for a soft mink/pink base, again using another Alexa Nails Inc shade, this being Cashmere Pink, of which I applied two coats. I was surprised to note this is in actual fact a textured polish, with a matte like finish, go figure.

Whilst the second coat was still wet, this was when I added on my red hearts, instead of applying straight from the bottle with the brush, I instead poured the glitters out & placed them on the nail using a toothpick so that I would get a better & more even placement.

I then grabbed some gold polish, Models Own Bullion Bling, & using a fine nail art brush, outlined the tiny hearts. This is where the mani failed a tad, the gold was a bit too thin & runny for this sort of job! But you live & learn.

For my accent nail I freehanded a heart shaped french onto the tip using this absolutely gorgeous Gucci polish in the shade Iconic Red. I'm currently wearing this as a pedicure & I adore it! Sometimes you just cant beat a vintage retro red.

Using the gold again, I also outlined the red heart tip.

Finish with topcoat to seal those glitters down & add shine! Thanks for reading beauts, you can catch all of the looks in my Disney Nail Art Series so far HERE.

Lotsa love to ya!

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