NOTD - Sea Breeze & Jax by For Your Nails Only

Hello there lovely readers!

You may recall a few posts back I shared with you a stunning colour shifting Ultra Chameleon Chrome polish called Zealous from indie brand For Your Nails Only.

I was so happy to have been able to snap up this pretty, you see Sharon's polish sell super quickly whenever she restocks her shop & understandably so as they are gorgeous. One haul saw me successfully nab two of Sharon's holo glitters, which are her signature polishes you might say as her holo glitter formulas are just so bobby dazzling sparkling!

I have two of her holo glitters to share with you today, Sea Breeze & Jax.
Lets start with Sea Breeze shall we, which is a super dreamy vibrant turquoise ocean blue holo glitter that definitely gives me all the holiday vibes & has me yearning to head back to Dubai!

Application was a breeze (pun perhaps intended) and gave a completely opaque finish in two coats.

The polish dries to a matte finish, slightly rough on account of the glitter, however a thick coat of topcoat smooths that out nicely whilst also really bringing out that sparkle!

The next shade I picked up was Jax, a really pretty mauve pink holo glitter  

Again this is two coats applied for a full opaque coverage.

As with Sea Breeze I topped Jax with a nice sick of topcoat, which smoothed out the surface & really made those holo's pop.

These pics were taking in daylight, however as soon as the sun goes down & you flash these under artificial lighting...DISCO BABY!

Slight fail there on my part not snapping any photos of that, apologies dears, but I'll rectify that next time!

Sharon's divine polishes are available via her website For Your Nails Only. Guttingly I forgot to set my alarm for her most recent restock which was this week! *wails in despair* Never fair, will just keep an eye out on her Instagram page for the next one! ;)

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!   

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