Afternoon Tea Adventures - Number Ten Manchester Street Hotel

Hey there lovely readers!

Hope you are all well & had a lovely Xmas! I thought I wouldn't get the chance to blog again before the new year but luckily I brought my laptop home with me just in case the need arose & I managed to find some time away from all the eating & family times. As its been a while I thought I'd tackle my favourite kind of tea & cake talk with another Afternoon Tea Review!

Earlier this year the lovely Meg aka RainCoatesBeauty came over to my end of the pond for a visit. I;ve been following Meg on Twitter for a while, the girl is hilarious & a lot of what she tweets is often exactly what I'm thinking, her Trump tweets in particular are absolute GOLD. I honestly think she is my Canadian twin!

Anyhoo when I heard she would be passing through London I simply could not let her go without meeting for a date & naturally the activity of choice was obviously going to be an afternoon tea of course!

I decided to book the Dieci Afternoon Tea which is situated within the lovely Edwardian style boutique Number Ten Manchester Street Hotel, a short stroll away from Baker Street, so it is very nice & accessible.

I actually arrived a tad early so popped to the washroom first & by the time I'd gotten back Meg & her friend had arrived too. After the excitement of meeting finally had passed we then sat ourselves down at our table which was very cosy indeed with two velvety soft plush sofas to sink ourselves into.

Once settled we ordered our teas, opting for the Dieci's very own Special Blend myself, & also requested that the refreshments be meat free as Meg & her chum are vegetarians & the staff accommodated this no problem which was lovely as we hadn't notified them of this beforehand.

Our delicious treats arrived not too long after on a beautiful circular two tier serving platter, savouries at the bottom & sweets on the top, the scones were served alongside with a generous bowl of clotted cream & adorable mini jam preserves presented on a rack.

The sandwiches themselves were actually incredible! Given the fact that we hadn't notified before of the meat free option, the variety served was really impressive with tomato & mozzarella, roasted vegetables & egg salad. Call me weird but I also love the fact that the sarnies were triangle in shape...the bread was also so soft. So yup, the savouries most definitely scored 10/10.

Moving on to the sweets of which there was a really lovely mixed selection, including macaroons, which always go down well with me! We also had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate Viennese whirl type biscuits, & mini lemon & custard tarts. All bite sized & delicious in taste.

On to the scones, these were served warm with a light dusting of sugar & were perfectly sized, so did not feel too heavy on top of everything else!

Our entire time at the Dieci Lounge was wonderful & we were able to enjoy our afternoon tea at a leisurely pace & were very well looked after by the staff. I think Meg & her friend definitely enjoyed it as well, I know I was thoroughly impressed!

The Dieci Lounge Afternoon Tea at No Ten Manchester Street Hotel is a mind boggling £16 per person (£30 for two) which to me is an absolutely steal for what was a stellar afternoon tea. I highly recommend you pay a visit!

Thanks as always for reading! Feel free to have a perusal of all of my other Afternoon Tea Reviews HERE.

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Those scones look like absolute perfection!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. hehe the whole tea itself was perfection! :) xox


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