Festive NOTD - Snowflakes plus Step by Step Tutorial

Hey there lovely readers!

If you caught my previous post HERE you'll recall the gorgeous polish I shared with you all, in all its chameleon chrome goodness, the super pretty Zealous by For Your Nails Only

As I was utterly obsessed with this polish & had no desire to remove it from my nails I decided to use it as a base for my next festive mani & I think it worked out really well! 

As you can see, my next look for Christmas Nails this year is...Snowflakes!

I was also very excited to try out my new nail art brush from Maria aka SoNailicious. Maria has recently released four fabulous brushes to help make creating detailed nail art looks more easy, I was good & managed to nab just one, the Needle Brush & it worked absolutely perfect for this design! 

I've managed to capture a step by step pictorial for you guys as well so if you want to recreate this super festive look then keep on reading beauties!

After you're base shade has dried, grab your white polish & begin with drawing on one vertical & one horizontal line so you have a cross.

Then on top of this add two more lines, these two being diagonal & crossing over where the other lines meet, so you now have 8 points for your snowflake.

Continuing with the white polish & your fine brush, add on small triangles (without the bottom part) in the corners of each angle, going around the whole snowflake. The Needle brush made this task so much more easy to do!

Then grabbing a fine dotting tool & more white polish, add on small white dots along the leftover lines coming out of the snowflake.

Because I'm just extra I added on a few tiny silver balls in the centre of my snowflakes before sealing it all in with plenty of topcoat!

I'm so so happy with how this look turned out, the Needle brush definitely made the task of doing more detailed nail art so much more easy so I highly recommend you check them out!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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