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Ooooh but do I have a beautiful polish to share with you today, I've actually used this in my next festive nail art design, but I wanted to share some swatches with you first of Zealous all by its onesie as I feel it deserves it on account of being just...so...darn...PURDY!

Zealous is an Ultra Chameleon Chrome polish which has actually been lovingly handmade & crafted by the lovely Sharon who has created her own fab line of indie nail polishes, For Your Nails Only.

I first discovered Sharon & her pretty polishes via Instagram & as soon as I saw the utterly swoon worthy nail polish porn on her page I knew I had to have me some! Not just that but I love discovering & supporting independent sellers, especially when they create such divine products!

For Your Nails Only offers not just UCC (ultra chameleon chrome) polishes but also the most stunning holographic glitter shades, among others too. However you have to be quick! Sharon notifies via social media beforehand when she is due to restock her shop & I soon discovered that you have to be a speedy gonzales to nab them haha! After a few goes I finally managed to grab the stunning Zealous after lusting after it for yonks!

As mentioned, Zealous is a UCC polish which has the most stunning colour shift that looks different at every angle. 

I've done my best to try and capture the colour shift for you, see the last pic in particular, as you can see Zealous has a pretty fuschia pink/purple tone, which gradually shifts to a coppery green.

The formula was so easy to apply as well, chromes can be problematic to work with but I found no problems at all with this & two coats gave a smooth opaque finish.

So obsessed was I with this polish that I've used it as a base in my next Christmas Nail Art look so stay tuned for that! I've managed to nab a couple of Sharon's pretty holo glitters too so will share those soon too! For Your Nails Only polishes range from £3.95 & its worth following Sharon via IG (@for_your_nails_only) to keep updated on restocks so you don't miss out!

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Lotsa love to ya!

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