NOTD - Jewel Bloom Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my lovely readers!

A wee tutorial for you today, I want to try & do more step by step pictorials for you to show just how easy it can be to create fun & fabulous designs on your nails! My favourites this year so far have to be my Flamingo Nails, they just make me smile so much & I'm itching to do them again. But of course Mother Nature will play a big part in allowing this to happen & whenever she doth bestow upon me decent lighting & time for photos I will make sure to take advantage!

I was scrolling through Instagram for some inspiration & as always the incredibly talented Yagala delivered nicely having just posted a beautiful floral ornament design on her page. Absolutely loving it I decided to give a whirl myself & was so happy with how it turned out!

The combination of biscuit beige & bright neons is so pretty & I was very eager to try out my amazing new Roubloff Ju Bilej nail art brushes that Yagala herself favours as they are perfect for this kind of intricate nail art & beauts let me tell you, they really are a game changer when it comes to freehand nail art! You can find them HERE & don't be daunted with by language barrier as the customer service team is so helpful with really good email communication.

Anyway enough talking....on to how to create this pretty ornamental design on to your nails! I used this lovely set of Formula X nail polishes that mumma bear got me on her last trip to the states. Lets begin.

Start with your base colour, I've used the nude shade in this set called Evocative which is a lovely biscuit beige & happy to note that it is opaque in just one coat.

Next apply a semicircle ring using your nail art brush & some black polish near the cuticle end of the nail as shown, doing one curved line like a rainbow, then another above it, before filling in. You can use hole punch reinforcer stickers or french manicure guides to help you do this but I just freehanded here.

Then using my Julie Bilej brush & more black polish, I drew on three petal shapes above the ring, like a teardrop design almost, making the centre petal slightly bigger to the outer two.

Grabbing a dotting tool next, apply two or three black dots going up from the pointed tip of the centre petal

Now using the shade High Frequency which is a gorgeous vibrant turquoise cream, I next filled in the gap underneath the black ring using a small nail art brush

Then using the pretty coral shade from the set called Power Source, I grabbed my smaller dotting tool & applied a row of dots along the black ring.

Going back in with the turquoise polish & the dotting tool again, apply a dot of the turquoise polish into the centre of your black dots.

And finally to finish your design, grab a gold polish, here I thought I'd stick with the theme & used another stunning Formula X polish called Love Chemistry which is an eye catching pretty pale gold foil shimmer with pale pink & gold glitters. With a fine nail art brush, use this polish to fill in your petals.

Once done I just went over some of the black lines again with more polish & the Ju Bilej brush to neaten up before finishing it all with a nice thick coat of topcoat!

What do you think? I'm just so in love with this design, will definitely be giving it a go again soon with different shades & I hope you give it a go too!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Loved the post but reading through bloglovin means I can't see the pictures, each one features a cute kitten that says click for picture. Hmm.
    Anyway, I viewed this mani via the internet and it's gorgeous! Love yagala as inspiration too, she's amazing!
    Vicky x

    1. Oh no how frustrating! This usually happens when viewing in mobile version...& I have no idea how to rectify other than clicking on view post in web version? *sigh* But thank you so so much for your lovely comment Vicky, she really has crazy talented skills doesn't she? xoxo


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