NOTD - Cherry Blossoms & Honey Dew!

Hello there lovely readers!

Though it would be wise not to get ones hope up judging by the recent forecasts, it does seem that Mother Nature may finally be allowing us a Summer. Better late than never & lets just hope that I haven't gone & jinxed it... O_o

One thing I always associate with this time of year & always look forward to is the beautiful abundance of cherry blossoms decorating both branches & pavements with their pretty pink blooms.

Florals are also one of my favourite forms of nail art & there are so many different ways to get creative! Here I've used the aforementioned flower as inspiration for today's Cherry Blossom nail art design...

I wanted my mani to pop so picked a lovely lively pink for my blossoms, Models Own Sun Hat delivered on this nicely, & teamed it with some vibrant minty fresh green on the tips courtesy of the gorgeous Picture Polish Honey Dew

To create these first apply your green tips in a sort of pointed French mani which could not be easier to do, using your polish brush, swipe one side of the tip at a curved angle & do the same on the other side so that they meet in the middle & voila!

Then for your cherry blossom just grab a dotting tool or bobby pin & dipping in to your pink polish, place 5 dots in a circle just beneath the angled tip to create you flower

Now I have to apologise here...I was watching Game of Thrones at the time of doing this mani & got so distracted I completely forgot to continue photographing the rest of the design steps...NAIL BLOGGER FAIL *slaps wrist*

My bad...but as you can see, once you've done your tips & flower you can literally have free reign over the additional details you want to add. Using some gold polish & glitter, I added a dot of both to the centre of the blossoms & then using a thin nail art brush with some black polish, outlined my petals & added a few delicate stems either side.

For a final bit of detail I added on some wee white dots along the stems. You can continue adding more detail if you like, have fun playing around with different sized dots & stems but I left it there...perhaps if I hadn't been so engrossed in GoT I would've happily carried on!

Finish with your topcoat & thats it! Now lets hope some real cherry blossoms grace our streets with their pretty presence :) Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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