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Hey there lovely readers!

So I, like much of the world of late went to see the greatly anticipated Avengers Infinity War, & boy did it leave a mark & then some! I am a huge fan of this incredible universe which I'm sure comes as no surprise. Having said that I DID have to do a bit of catching up with a Marvel marathon or two before going to see this instalment (don't judge me...there ARE a lot of films & I kinda lost track!) & I definitely advise you do as well to avoid any gaps in the story! 

I think at some point I would love to do a Marvel Nail Art series on my blog alongside my Disney Series...I think that would be fun! Plus challenging too...already my brain is whirring with potential ideas....

To begin with though...I simply could not resist throwing together a nail art look for the Infinity War movie, & I thinks its obvious what I've dedicated it to...creating my very own Infinity Stones! Sorry Thanos...they be mine now ;)

What do you think? I was totally inspired to create these by the amazing Sammy aka The Nailsaurus, one of my favourite nail bloggers, who created her own Infinity Stone look a couple of weeks ago. When I saw hers I loved them so much I knew immediately I needed me a set of my very own Stones too.

Like Sammy, to create these I also used the Precious Stones Step by Step Tutorial that the fabulous Sarah from Chalkboard Nails shared a while back now. I'm so glad I finally got an opportunity to try this design out as its been on my "to do" list for a while!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture each stage as there was a lot going on & to be honest I wasn't entirely sure it would be a nail art success or fail! However do go check out Sarah's post HERE where she has shared her fabulous easy to follow tutorial :)

For each gemstone, you basically need your primary colour as well as a black & a white nail polish. Once you have painted each of your nails in the chosen colour choice, freehand on to the nail a rough gemstones design. Basically a long hexagon in the centre, with straight lines coming out from each of the points.You then need to fill in different sections of the gemstones, except the centre, with some lighter parts of the same colour & some darker parts. By doing this you mix the primary colour with white or black polish to lighten & deepen it. 

Once you've filled in the appropriate sections, go over the lines again in black to neaten before adding some white highlight lines to add dimension.

And before you say...yes I know I have my sequence of stones different to Thanos's Gauntlet...completely intentional! I wasn't too sure about how the purple would look so went for that stone on my thumb. Turns out its actually my favorite...go figure! O_o  Here's a breakdown of the polishes I used for each of my stones...

For my Power (Purple) stone I've used KIKO 333

For the Time (Green) stone I dug out golden oldie Barry M Spring Green

The Reality (Red) stone is Nails Inc St James

For the Space (Blue) stone I've used Models Own Hypergel in Blue Glint.

And finally for my Mind (Yellow) stone I used Collection Canary Yellow.

Unfortunately I had no space left for the Soul stone! Whoopsie! Just as well as my soul is pretty dark anyways. ;) Overall I am so chuffed with how these came out! I hope you like them too! Have you seen Infinity War yet? Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


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