NOTD - Blue China Rose Nails

Hey there my lovely readers!

If you caught a few of my recent posts you will know that yours truly has officially dipped her toe into the world of nail art stamping.

Now whilst freehand nail art will forever remain my first true joy, I do confess I am rather enjoying my venture into the stamping way of life....when said stamping is a success that is!

After many an attempt playing around with a plethora of different polish formulas, lets just say its been very hit & miss with results. But when the result is a mani WIN...oh the feelings of joy that ensue & I was over the moon with how this recent look came out!

Doesn't it bring to mind the look of that classic fine blue & white china crockery from which tea is delicately supped? You'll also know I have a huge thing for pretty crockery (do check out my Miss Etoile teacup inspired nail art HERE) so you can imagine how much I enjoyed wearing this look!

For the base I wanted a pale colour for the stamping to really stand out but not wanting white I instead used two coats of Sally Hansen's Creme De La Creme Miracle Gel polish which is, yup you guessed it, a lush pale nude creme! Despite the name this is NOT a gel polish FYI, just gel effect! It comes with a special Gel effect topcoat as well to give the polish a gel manicure like look.

Once the base is completely dry & ready for some stamping I reached for Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polish in the shade Blue Grape, a true vibrant blue which I thought would be perfect for stamping on account of being so pigmented...& I was right!

As you can see I used one of the floral plates from Beauty Big Bang,  which is made up of an intricate rose motif & despite the delicateness of the design, the stamp picked up the image really well & transferred on to the nail perfectly!

After stamping each nail I then waited five minutes before going in with topcoat as I don't think I could've handled smudging the pretty pattern after all that! I think I need to look into investing in a "smudge free" topcoat for my stamping work!

I hope you liked the design my lovelies! Your girl is definitely on a stamping roll thats for sure! Until next time!t

Lotsa love to ya!

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