Meebox Nail Subscription Review - April's Material Girl Themed Box!

Hey there lovely readers!

Back in February I tried out my first Meebox Nail Subscription, a monthly beauty box JUST for nails. Perfect for the nail polish enthusiast! After being mighty impressed with the goodies included, of which you can read my full review of HERE, I promised myself that tempting though it is, I wouldn't succumb EVERY month, because your girl really has FAR too many polishes yet to try, instead opting to treat myself every now & again with a cheeky Meebox fix...as you can see I lasted a whole month before giving in! Nil points for self control Aysh...O_o

So today I have the contents of what was included within Aprils edition of Meebox to share with you guys as well as some nail art with the products of course & the vibe for this box threw us back in time for a spell with a Madonna Material Girl theme!

But what's inside is the big question! As with all Meebox packages, you are treated to a lovely selection of nail polishes from some fabulous brands as well as some nail art goodies to play with.

The polishes that were featured in Aprils box included Leighton Denny "Get Your Cote", a vintage medium blue creme that to me shouts out 80s vibes. Floss Gloss "Gangsta Boo", a gorgeous glossy retro red, Models Own "Flylac", a pretty lilac with soft golden shimmer & Mavala "48 Black"

Now herein actually lies ANOTHER reason why I can't succumb to regular Meebox subscription...because I actually already own Models Own Flylac! Haha! Lets put it this way...the number of nail polishes I own is pretty high so the chances of getting duplicates is quite likely. Not that I'm complaining as Flylac is such a beautiful shade which I will definitely get a lot of usage out of :)

Moving on to the nail art bits, included in this box was some pretty nail art foil as well as some stamping goodies courtesy of Moyou! You not only get a mini stamper & scraper, stored within an adorable wee bag, but also a full sized stamping plate from Moyou's Time Traveller Collection. This one is the Back to the 80's 05 plate with fashion trend images of that time. Sorry bit of a fail here but I forgot to photo the actual images on the plate...whoops!  But HERE is what the plate images look like.

So all in all a good box indeed! I decided to create two different nail art looks using the contents, the first using the plate of course. Now I had hoped that the Mavala Black polish in the box would work for stamping but unfortunately its formula is too sheer for this purpose. So instead I used a simple black stamping polish for my first look.

I was a bit stumped actually with what to do so decided to do a gradient base using Get Your Cote and Flylac. On the little finger I applied two coats of the Mavala Black and stamped one of the images from the Moyou plate using Flylac.

I then used another image from the stamping plate, this is a corset like top design, and stamped the image on the bottom three quarters of the nail. The images on the plate are quite large actually so I think at some point I'll try creating decals instead on my nail art mat, then adding the images on to my nail that way...but to do that I will of course need to actually learn HOW the heck to do that... O_o

Not wanting to leave out Gangsta Boo, I then dotted some red along the top of the heart shaped corset before sealing it all with topcoat.

For my second nail art look I decided to do some freehand & floral work & I definitely prefer this out of the two! Stamping still gives me the heebie jeebies...

For this look I applied two coats of that gorgeous Gangsta Boo red to every nail.  Then using Flylac and Get Your Cote I freehanded a rough flower like shape in each shade to the tips of my nails.

At this point these wont look like blooms at all...fret not! Grabbing some white polish & a fine nail art brush, outline each of your blooms & the petals & boom...you have your flowers!

For a final added detail I added some strokes of the opposite colour in the centre of each flowere before adding a few black dots using Mavala Black. Finish with topcoat for that glossy finish! I'll try & do a tutorial for this look at some point!

I hope you liked the two looks I created with Aprils Meebox :) Have you tried this nail subscription box yet? Want to hedge some bets on how long it will take me before I give in again...? Oh & FYI...I understand that Meebox is now not just UK but WORLDWIDE! Hurrah! So nail addicts all over the world can give this fab subscription a try! 

Lots love to ya! 

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