NOTD - Romantic Pink Lotus

Hey there lovely readers!

Okay so I'm clearly feeling all the Valentines/Galentines vibes as the majority of my mani's at the moment seem to be ending up distinctively pink/red in tone! ;)

And today's nail art look is no exception, another floral design no less as well! What can I say, I adore them. Going for a different bloom from my recent Roses, this time I've done a romantic Pink Lotus floral look & I am so happy with how these turned out! 

I literally did not want to remove this mani all week & now I'm itching to recreate it again and again in a rainbow of colours! This design was inspired by a look one of my favourite nail artists did on Instagram, Yagala, who always creates the most incredible nail art.

I didn't capture a step by step tutorial for this nail art unfortunately as, I'l be honest, I didn't think it would come out well at all! I should have more faith in myself ;)

For my base I applied two coats of this stunning pink/red toned holo polish by Emily De Molly called Where Boys Fear To Tread....isn't it just fab? Both the polish AND the name! And I'm clearly going through a bit of a holo phase too as they are all I seem to be reaching for at the moment...

I wanted an accent nail as well for an extra glitter fix so on my little finger I applied two coats of this darn GORGEOUS fuchsia glitter by Glam polish called Crysta on to which I stamped on a pretty wee butterfly! Yes...I have ventured into the unknown territory that is nail art stamping! Do go check out my post about all that HERE.

Now for my lotus blooms which as you can see, I applied on the bottom of my nails by the cuticle. For these I used this small round edged brush that I actually received in a makeup brush set but never used! I'm pretty sure its a lip brush actually! But the shape was very similar to the one Yagala used to create that rounded petal look so it was perfect!

I opted for some pretty pink Lotus's so I reached for this Lime Crime polish in the shade Parfait Day, a truly scrummy pink milkshake colour. Dipping the brush into the polish, I simply applied 3 petals, starting with the middle, then adding one either side.

Next I grabbed our base shade again, the pretty pink holo from Emily De Molly, & using a fine nail art brush, applied three thin curved lines coming out from the centre to separate the petals.To complete the Lotus, I applied a pretty pink pearl rhinestone in the center.

Still not quite finished! For a final detail, I grabbed one of my super fine nail art brushes, & using the Lime Crime polish again, freehanded a few curly vines coming out from the blooms.

Just an obligatory coat of topcoat and NOW we are done!

What do you think? I hope you like this nail art as much as I do! I think this may actually be my most favourite of the year so far if not ever. As I said, I'll most certainly be trying this again in different colour tones. When I do I'll definitely try & capture a step by step pictorial for you too!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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