NOTD - Miss Etoile Teacup Inspired Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

It may come as no surprise, being the Afternoon Tea addict I am, that I have a "thing" for pretty teacups. Its become an addiction & one that's driven the mother-ship a tad bonkers whenever I bring home yet another pretty piece of crockery to add to my collection, adding chaos to her kitchen cupboard aesthetic O_o

You may have heard of the brand Miss Etoile, who produce a particularly whimsical Eye teacup design that has me swooning over not just its prettiness but also the fact that I DO NOT OWN IT YET! WHYYY?! But Aysh, why are you blathering on about crockery I hear you ask? The cute eye teacup comes in both Open & Closed eye designs & naturally got my nail art juices flowing with inspiration so I threw together this fun look for you today! 

What do you think? For my base I wanted to play around again with the gorgeous Chrome powder I picked up from Isa Dora which creates the most divine Rose Gold Chrome finish. You can catch my review of that HERE.

Unfortunately I still don't seem to have mastered this chrome powder business as the finish was slightly crinkled as you can see. I'm not certain where I'm going wrong exactly, perhaps next time I'll bypass the basecoat step & just try to apply the powder on one coat of the pink polish you use as the base colour before going on with the powder? I shan't give in!

Anyway, shiny albeit slightly crinkly yet still mighty pretty Rose Gold base done, I went to creating my eyelid tips!

On the majority of my nails bar the ring & little finger I used this pretty pale lilac creme polish from Accessorize called LaLaLa Lilac to apply a half moon to the tips for the upside down closed lids. I then grabbed some black polish & a fine nail art brush to outline the edge of the lid & add on a row of curved small lines for the eyelashes

Then on the ring finger I went for an open eye peeking out in the shade of blue! In the same way as I did the purple lids, I used white polish applied as a half moon on the tips. I then used a vibrant blue polish to freehand the circle in the middle of the white for the iris before adding a black dot in the centre, finishing with a dot of white on the top of the black dot to complete the eye. 

And again using a fine brush & black polish, I outlined the eye before also adding some eyelashes along the top. As my little finger was too small I simply stamped on a pretty star design using one of my Beauty Big Bang plates & the same Accessorize lilac polish, before finishing it all with topcoat!

Hope you liked my Miss Etoile teacup inspired peepers nail art! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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