NOTD - Jade Semi Precious Stone Nails

Hi there lovely readers!

I have a particular fondness for semi precious stones, not just for their magical properties of course, I always have a few lying around the place, but you can find some truly stunning rocks with beautifully intricate patterns woven within the stone which means one thing...NAIL INSPIRATION!

You've probably seen & are familiar with the Geode nail art trend that was pretty big last year, I gave it a go myself & absolutely loved it, take a peek at my step by step tutorial HERE

I wanted to go further & explore other stones for which I could attempt to recreate on my nails, I have a long list...Rose Quartz, Marble, Amethyst, Opal....but first I wanted to give Jade Stone nails a try & so that is what I have for you beauties today!

What do you think? This particular design was inspired by an incredible nail technician I follow on Instagram, Jessica Harris aka @perfect10customnails who creates the most beautiful custom made press on nails. I urge you to go check her out, her designs are simply stunning & I plan on placing an order myself very soon!

Anyhoo one of Jessica's beautiful designs included a Jade Stone look featuring lots of black, golds with the veined turquoise peeping through which I was itching to recreate! I only hope I've done it justice!

To start I applied a coat of black polish to every nail. Here I've used Revlon Espresso.

I then needed my green for the Jade stone, for this I actually ended up mixing two different ones! Not intentional...the KIKO turquoise shade 343 I started with was a bit darker than I wanted! Using the brush I just applied the green over part of the nail where I wanted my stone, making each nail different. But because the KIKO was too dark I went over it again with a light mint green polish Cool Days from MakeUp Revolution & the result was this perfect turquoise...WIN!

Because the two greens were wet when applied over each other, the two polishes also sort of merged together creating a really lovely marble effect, perfect to help with that stone like finish!  

I then grabbed my Models Own Chrome Rose & outlined the edge of the green using a fine nail art brush.

Next for the marbled veins to create that Jade stone look! For this I used a fine nail art brush & applied some thin black swirly lines over the green. I then dipped my brush in some acetone & dabbed this onto the black delicately to make it bleed into the green underneath to create that marble effect. I still need to work on this a lot but I think I understand the idea of it...!

To make my stone look more jewel like I added a tiny bit of this stunning green holo polish from ILNP in the shade Hide & Seek along some of the black lines.

And for that final bit of extra-ness I reached for what I think may be my current favourite polish, the stunning Halycon by Cirque Colors, a blinding true rose gold metallic which I finally nabbed after having it on my wishlist for the longest time. Using a small brush I just added a bit of Halycon randomly to each nail.

Finish with plenty of topcoat to seal & shine!  

I am so happy with how these came out, I definitely need to practice the technique of using acetone to create the marbled effect but thankfully I have plenty of semi precious stones on my list to attempt...I think I may do a sort of Semi Precious Stones series & give Rose Quartz a go next...

Thanks as always for reading! Till next time! 

Lotsa love to ya!

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