Disney Nail Art Series - The Little Mermaid!

Hello there lovely readers!

Ooooh I'm excited to share with you the latest addition to my Disney Nail Art Series as, closely following The Beauty and The Beast, this is definitely up there as one of my favourite Disney movies ever...it is of course...The Little Mermaid!

I remember the first time I saw the movie I begged my parents for swimming lessons so that I too could swim amongst the sea creatures & make all my mermaid dreams come true....alas it was not meant to be & to this day I still cannot swim...hey we all have our strengths right? Sadly swimming is NOT one of mine O_O Anyway, I digress....I've been wanting to create nail art for this movie since I started this series as there was lots of possibilities to play with so without further fanfare, here are my Little Mermaid Nails!

As you can see I used Ariel as my main inspiration for the majority of the nails with a wee little dedication to the adorable Flounder thrown in there too :)

Starting with my thumb & middle fingers I went for some pretty purple shells similar to Ariel's bikini top. For these I used OPI I Manicure For Beads to draw on the shell shape to the tips with a thin nail art brush. I then outlined the curvatures of the shell with a darker purple shade (sorry can't recall which polish I used!) to make it more defined & actually look like a shell! 

Next for my pointer finger I created Ariel's curling mermaids tail in a pretty turquoise sea green shade with some sparkle! Again using a fine nail art brush I free-handed a mermaid tail type shape from the tip using Models Own Emerald Green from the Diamond Luxe collection. For the sparkly scales I applied this beautiful glitter from Jordana called Celestial on top.

For my ring finger I kept with the mermaid tail theme & applied two coats of the same Models Own Emerald Green to the entire nail. Then grabbing a fine nail art brush & a darker green in the form of Models Own Ebony Green from the Hypergel range, I applied rows of curves over the whole nail to depict mermaid scales. I plan on doing a step by step tutorial soon on how to do mermaid scales in more detail! In the meantime though do have a peek at my Dragon Scales Tutorial HERE which is sort of the same concept really.

And last but by no means least its our Flounder nail which could not be easier! Paint the whole nail in two coats of yellow polish, here I've used Barry M Yellow. Then grabbing a vibrant blue, I opted for another Barry M, this one being Blue Grape, simply apply a row of small blue curves along one side of the nail.

Finish everything with a nice coat of topcoat & you're done!

I hope you love these as much as I did! You can catch all of my Disney Nail Art Series looks HERE. Now what Disney film to do next....

Lotsa love to ya!

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