NOTD - Birthday Celebrations & Back To School Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

Mondays are always rough but returning back to work was a struggle this week. If you follow me on the socials you'll know I waved goodbye to my twenties this weekend so saw fit to celebrate with some of my favourite things in the capital! Starting things off with The Tale As Old As Time Afternoon Tea which I had booked earlier this year & have practically been counting down the days for! To say I was excited is putting it lightly & it was just as wonderful as I'd hoped...review to come soon of course!
We then went to see Aladdin at the theatre & whilst The Lion King still has my heart, this definitely comes up as a close runner up as it was fantastic! Before finishing the night on a high in Soho (where this now 30 year old STILL got asked for ID, high fives!)

My friend & I then spent a blissful Sunday recuperating with Brunch in Westfield Stratford at Balans Soho Society (highly recommend) before heading to The London Cat Village to spend some time with the fur babies. I seriously need to right up a review of this place as I love it...cake AND cats? Basically heaven ;) So all in all a pretty darn satisfactory birthday I'd say. Bring on the thirties!

Speaking of returning back to things, last week saw the younger human generation head back or begin that time where their young minds are molded for the future! Not that I envy them, even though adulting can be majorly hard at times, the thought of going back to school fills me with dread!

Anyhoo another theme that propped up in one of the nail art challenges I'm doing was "Back To School" so for this I decided to throw together some pencil nails as no kids stationary bag can be without a bit of lead.
This mani design made me smile so much whilst wearing it, I actually didn't want to take it off & they were so so easy to do!
Start with applying two coats of pale/pastel yellow to the whole nail. Here I've used Face of Australia Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
Then using a darker yellow, this was an old one I had lying around from the brand Collection, draw on three horizontal yellow lines going down the nail.
Next grab a silver, here I've used one of my favourites, Sonia Kashuk Smoke & Mirrors, I love this silver so much as its such a true molten metallic. Using the brush from the polish I just applied a thick strip of silver vertically across the middle.
Then finally grabbing a nude pink for the rubber, this is an old Catrice I picked up abroad, Karl Says Tes Chic, & actually the perfect tone of pink for my rubber part of the pencils! Again using the brush from the polish I simply added on a half moon like circle at the tips.
The pink was actually matte so would've created a really good rubber like finish, but I'm a gloss girl all the way so finished the design with a nice thick coat of CND AirDry topcoat.
Hope you liked the design my lovelies & good luck if you are heading back to the world of learning! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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