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Whilst browsing through NEXT the other day waiting on my friend who was picking up an order, I found myself drawn like moth to flame towards the beauty section as I always like to have a peek at their perfumes. During my perusal I was delighted to notice that NEXT seem to have expanded on their cosmetics significantly with the Make Me Beautiful range including an intriguing selection of face & lip products, however me being me I was naturally drawn to the nail polish offerings of which I was happy to notice was very vast indeed & features a wide collection of mattes, shimmers, glosses & glitters. 

Naturally I was in heaven! However having just recently indulged in a few nail hauls here & there I decided to be good & just picked one nail polish to take home with me, though seeing as the NEXT polishes are very generously sized at 14ml & priced at only £4 each, plus throw in to the equation the fact that they are also 3 for the price of 2, I'm annoyed at myself that I only got one! Seriously what on earth Aysh? Clearly a brain fart moment...But at least I now have an excuse to go back ;)

When it came to which polish to select I was immediately drawn to the one of the metallic Pearl Effect finish shades Rose Gold God, as basically anything with a rose gold theme has me swooning.

I am currently wearing this polish both on my hands & toes & seriously guys it is stunning. I love wearing metallic's as a pedicure shade as they look so so pretty & eye catching.

Now to be honest I personally wouldn't class this as a "Rose Gold" finish, as its lacking those pinky pearlescent undertones that would make a metallic rose gold in my opinion, to me its more of a shimmering champagne gold.

Regardless I still think its absolutely gorgeous! And even better still the formulation of these polishes is fantastic with just one coat giving a complete opaque finish.

Because I'm a stickler for habit I went for my regular two coats but even then the second coat was incredibly thin. With metallics & foils you can also fall victim to visible brush strokes, however this polish applied so smoothly with none of those issues. Mighty impressed.

Whilst painting my second hand I did notice a few grains within the polish, however a quick shake up of the bottle put this wee problem to rights immediately.

Not wanting to draw away from the beauty of this polish I went for some simple nail art in the form of a few black dots in descending size at the cuticle end as well as popping a pretty golden arrow decoration from Born Pretty Store (product number #39326) on my ring finger.

Overall I'm so impressed with the quality of the new NEXT polishes, yup I've so far only tested the one but I'm hoping this will be consistent in all the shades. Generous in size, good quality & stellar price. Next time I'm passing by NEXT you can be sure a few more of these babies will be coming home with me. Be sure to have a nosey yourself if you pop in!

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