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Gosh I am so behind with writing up my afternoon tea escapades of late. I've experienced some lovely ones over the past few months that l want to share with you but I don't know where the time is going lately! But did you know that its actually Afternoon Tea Week right now?! So perfect time to rectify the situation I'd say. So lets make a start today with a review of another lovely afternoon tea in one of my favourite places to visit, Henley.

I've already written about my first afternoon tea experience in this delightful town at The Red Lion Hotel which was fabulous, so do have a read of that. When I heard that there was another offering within Henley then you can be certain that I was eager to try it! This afternoon tea in particular is at The Hotel Du Vin. I actually saw a fellow blogger friend Instagram a photo of the tea, I knew straight away I had to try it & I can assure you it had NOTHING to do with the fact that candy floss would be served as part of it...*side eye* O_o

The Hotel Du Vin is a lovely building situated amongst the cobbled streets of Henley near the river & upon arrival we were immediately taken to our table. As it was chilly we were seated indoors, the decor inside is lovely, very warm yet rustic with stone walls, floors, dark wood & leather sofas, however on a good day you can also enjoy your tea outdoors which I imagine would be so lovely too! 

Our Afternoon Tea was brought out super quick which was fantastic as our stomachs were definitely having a full on grumble. For this tea the savouries are actually brought out to you first before the rest which is a bit different but as I tend to attack the savoury part first anyway this was no big deal! Now I'm afraid this is where I FAIL miserably as a blogger beauts, SO eager where we to eat I actually forgot to take photos at the start! Bad form Aysh. But I can honestly say we were all seriously satisfied with the savoury offerings. Changing up from the usual sandwiches, here you are offered mini versions of salmon & cream cheese bagels, egg mayonnaise brioche, ham with gruyere croissants, goats cheese & spinach quiche, & a tomato & tapenade galette. Of course you can notify the waiter for any dietary requirements be it vegetarian, gluten free or allergies etc.

Once our plates were empty, our waiter came to take these away & proceeded to bring in the rest of our tea in all its glory including the scones, the sweet treats & most importantly....the pretty candy floss which came in a cute stand of three.

I won't lie, perhaps not the most correct afternoon tea etiquette but I may have made a beeline straight for that candy floss as it was just too pretty to resist which is why you can just about peek only two in the photo there...woops. The candy floss is also apple flavoured which was a pleasant surprise & very scrummy.

On to the sweets! You are of course served the obligatory scones, these were lovely & warm as promised & came served with generous supply of clotted cream, potted jams & butter.

The mini sweet treats on the topmost tower were a delightful mixture of wee Knickerbocker glory desserts which were lovely & limey flavoured. Really refreshing on the palette.

You also have rhubarb & custard doughnuts, raspberry & dark chocolate teacakes & if that wasn't enough then some cheeky lemon meringue pies are thrown in too! *EXPLODES*

I think if we had finished all of that then the Hotel Du Vin would definitely have had a mess on their hands, fortunately the staff very kindly packed away what we could not finish to take away and enjoy later.

Throughout our tea our waiter who was lovely & attentive, refilled our pots & replenished our water whenever needed. My friends & I experienced a really lovely couple of hours at the Hotel Du Vin & thoroughly enjoyed the interesting mix of delights offered. The Afternoon Tea is £22.50 per person which I think is a fab price for what you get, so I highly recommend giving it a try next time you visit Henley! For more of my Afternoon Tea recs check out all my reviews HERE.

Lotsa love to ya!

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