NOTD - Holo Diamond Sequin Flowers

Hey there lovely readers!

I recently stumbled across this wee pot of pretty blue holo diamond sequins in my stash, I believe I must have picked them up on one of my Born Pretty Store hauls, my go to place when it comes to nail art supplies.

Slapping myself on the wrist right there at neglecting them so on account of them being just so darn pretty, I then went to thinking on ways in which I could incorporate these in a mani & the thought that immediately came to mind was using them as petals! The shape of the sequins are perfect to create some pretty blooms so I went on ahead & did just that.

I absolutely love how these came out & best still it couldn't be easier to do!

Sticking with the holo theme, I decided to use one of my Colour Club holo polishes for my base, they released quite a few stunning quality holos a while back, this was the blue tinted one in the collection Blue Heavem

Another reason why I LOVE holos, other than all that shimmering disco goodness, is that they tend to apply so well & the Colour Clubs are no exception, this was two coats which applied beautifully & smoothly to an opaque shimmering finish.

Now for our blooms! Whilst the polish was still wet after applying the second coat, I quickly applied a yellow rhinestone for the centre of my flower, before then using just a toothpick to pick up & place 5 sequins around the stone to create our bloom. Because the sequins are so light you only need to wet the toothpick with a bit of water to pick them up & place them.

Finish with topcoat to seal your stones & sequins in place. I went for two thick coats of topcoat, because of the shape of my nails, sequins of this shape can often lift up of the nails, but if you have flatter nail beds then you'll be okay. 

As my little finger was too wee sized to fit on a sequin flower, I substituted for a few coats of holo sparkle glitter instead, another offering courtesy of Colour Club.

Such a quick, easy floral look! You can find these pretty diamond sequins in an array of colours on the Born Pretty Store website for just $0.99 An absolute steal right? And if you'd like a further 10% off your order (of course you would) then just use my code TRUW10. I'm honestly like a kid in a candy store whenever I visit the site, do go have a gander yourself, so many nail pretties such little time!

Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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