NOTD - Chocolate & Gold Magnum Inspired Nails!

Hello there my beauts! Happy first of the month to you!

So there appears to be a recurring theme when it comes to finding inspiration for nail art lately....FOOD. Maybe not THAT surprising considering my devotion to sweet foodstuffs;) With those rare glimpses of sunshine that we've been graced with of late, so comes the inevitable temptation of consuming a yummy ice cream treat. Remember the Raspberry Ripple Marble nails from a few posts ago? Well this time it was whilst I was indulging in a decadent Magnum delight, that I thought the combination of rich dark tones & gold in the packaging would look equally pretty on the nails. So this is what I came up with...

For my base colour I used the vampy I Sing In Colour by OPI which was one of the shades from Gwen Stefani's collection. This is an intensely rich, almost black red shade, so hot & vampy, I absolutely love it! And I thought it would be perfect to embody smooth velvety dark chocolate tones. This is two coats applied to a gorgeously glossy finish.

For the gold touch I decided to use China Glaze Cracked Medallion crackle polish. Aaah good old crackle polishes, remember those? China Glaze's offerings were particularly awesome, with the polish formula crackling extremely well, leaving a really pretty effect. 

I still wanted plenty of that vampy base on show, far too pretty it is to hide, so I just swiped the gold crackle across the tip in a quarter moon. 

For a final bit of golden decadence I simply added a row of gold glitter dots along the curve of the crackle before sealing it all with my trusty CND Air Dry topcoat

Mmmm...Magnum anyone? I can predict the chances of me speedy gonzalez-ing it down to the freezer after this post is up are quite high & I suggest you all do the same so I feel less guilty mwahaha! ;) Maybe I should do a food nail art series? Any requests? ;)

Thanks as always for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya   


  1. I wish I could get away with such intricate designs like you do here! So pretty!

    1. Aww thank you sweet! You'll be surprised how easy & quick designs like this can be, definitely give it a try! :) xoxo


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