NOTD - Raspberry Ripple Marble Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

So after a few wee glitches, Summer seems to have finally graced us with its glorious presence & with it all its delights; picnics, beach trips, ice cream in abundance! Though I've probably gone & jinxed it right there O_o I love finding inspiration for nail art wherever I can, especially when it involves my other great love in life...FOOD.

Joyfully digging into a tub of Carte Dor Crema Di Mascarpone the other day, I managed to take a moment to pause mid shovel & admire the beautiful berry tones swirling through the delightful dessert & think "Oooh...marble effect!" So I decided to attempt a dry marble look using pink tones reminiscent to that of raspberry ripple...

I'm relatively new to the whole dry marbling thing. however it is definitely the more appealing nail art option for me compared to the daunting task of water marbling! Much easier, all you need is polishes, a quick hand & a toothpick!

Apologies for the quality of some of the pics lovelies, I did this mani in the evening & tried to capture a few of the steps of the dry marbling to show you as a kind of step by step tutorial! Hopefully it'll make sense ;)

To begin with I needed my base colour, I decided to use this adorable pink speckled polish from Ulta 3, a fab Ozzy brand that my dear pal Chelle sent over to me, which was part of their Easter collection & clearly saw them jumping on the speckled polish bandwagon! This is Bunny Bloom, an adorable pastel pink creme with both small & large black glitters.

I applied one coat of Bunny Bloom to each nail. Next is the stage where you have to start working a bit quick, so its best to do one nail at a time. After applying a second coat of Bunny Bloom, I then grabbed a random Beauty UK polish in a bright raspberry pink shade & applied two thin lines on top of the wet polish.

I then used No7 Snowflake, a (very thin!) white polish which isn't the best formula but I'm trying to be good & use it up in my nail art! I applied a line of white in between the two raspberry stripes.

Grabbing my toothpick, I quickly swirled the two colours together to create the ripple effect. The most crucial part of this step is to do the marbling with a VERY light hand, otherwise you'll risk going right through the polish to the nail bed.

Continuing until all nails are done, finish with a slick of topcoat to seal & you're done!

I decided to focus the design on the center of the nail but you can also marble the whole nail if you wish! In fact I may try that next using a different colour combo :)

I hope you liked the mani dolls, I'll try & capture (better!) the different stages as I do my nail art in the future so that I can feature some more mini step by step tutorials for you!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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