Product Love - CND Air Dry - My HG Topcoat!

Hello there lovely readers,

A question I'm often asked when it comes to nails, is what my go to topcoat is, which is why I'm surprised at myself for never blogging about it till now! I guess I'm usually so distracted by the polish itself that things like top coat, base coat, nail care etc takes a back seat.

I'll rectify that now with sharing a few of my favourite products that I use when it comes to the nail care side of things starting off with the most important in my book...topcoat!

For me the qualities I look for in a fab quality topcoat is 1) Fast drying & 2) Glossy finish. One that delivers on these two needs is a winner in my book & having tried & tested both high street & high end brands in the past I have happily found THE ONE in CND Air Dry Topcoat. 

I can't for the life of me remember how I discovered this as its not a brand that widely available in the high street, but I'm so glad I did as I've not looked at another topcoat since! For me this blows Sally Hansen & OPI, brands of topcoat I've both tried, out the water.

You may be surprised to hear that I've never tried the famous Seche Vite that is popular amongst many. However having heard too many mixed things I never really felt the urge to try myself, especially as its not the cheapest out there!

CND Air Dry leaves your manicure with not only a super glossy finish, but by the time you've top-coated the second hand, your first is completely touch dry, perfect if you're in a rush or like me simply have no patience! It glides on to the nail like water & is fab for sealing designs.

I purchase my CND Air Dry from eBay HERE, where it is available in different sizes, from a small 9.8ml for under £10 if you want to try first, to a larger 68ml which you can get from between £16-£18 & is the one I go for. Now before you gasp in horror at the thought of paying that price for a topcoat like I did at first, my brain eventually caught up & realised that with the amount of topcoat you get in the larger bottle, roughly the equivalent of about 7 small bottles, which bought separately would cost around £60-£70....you're actually getting an absolute bargain! Especially as this bottle is guaranteed to last you yonks.

So there you have it, CND Air Dry has my heart in the HG topcoat stakes & is definitely one I recommend to all you lovelies! Let me know if you try it too & what you think! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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