Product Love - LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint Review

Hello lovely readers!

Now I, like I'm sure many of you out there, am forever on a mission looking for that healthy, glowing, youthful skin reminiscent of mystical Elven beings that all women strive for. So any product which claims to give such an effect to my skin will draw me to it like a magpie to sparkles.

One such product that has made it to one of my top beauty products of 2014 & which I feel has succeeded in making my skin GLOW is the Feeling Younger Skin Tint from LUSH. LUSH is a brand I'm sure you're familiar with for their divine bath products yet I have discovered that there are few stellar make up bits & bobs hidden amongst those soaps & bath bombs too. Their liquid eye liners which I've blogged HERE are particularly pretty!

I completely blame Adrienne aka The Sunday Girl Blog for enabling me to buy this little pot of wonder, in fact, I find myself always rushing to LUSH like a madwoman after reading her blog haha! But of course I thank her too as I now use this luscious product pretty much on a daily basis.

Feeling Younger is a highlighting/illuminating cream that can be used in a number of ways, its just a matter of finding what suits you. You can dot it on to the skin alone or mixed in with your moisturiser for an instant glow, apply it to those parts you wish to add a spot of definition to such as cheekbones, brow bone etc. Or how I use it which is with my foundation. I simply dab the cream on to my face, then grabbing my foundation & brush, blend the two together on to the skin for an all over glow!

And the finish is really lovely, not glittery or overly shimmery in any way, it just brightens up the complexion beautifully & when folks compliment on how healthy & glowing your skin is looking? Well...to me that makes a product pass the test with flying colours!

A little does go a long way so this little pot will last me a good time & when the day comes when I do hit the bottom of the jar, I will be re-purchasing for sure. If you haven't yet tried anything from LUSH's make up range then I can definitely recommend this, available in stores & online for £12 a pot.

Thanks as always for stopping by dolls! Have you tried anything from LUSH's make up range?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. Haha whoops ;) so glad you like it though! I swear by it as you know :) x

    1. Hehe you are my LUSH enabler Adrienne! ;) But with so many goodies in their range you are utterly forgiven :) xoxo


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