The New ION-Sei Electronic Toothbrush Revelation!

Hey there lovely readers!

Got something a little bit different for you today...I know you are used to seeing all the nail art & afternoon tea happenings on here, however I have recently had a bit of a revelation within the world of dental care which I simply could not keep to myself & just had to share with you all! 

The amazing new ION-Sei Electronic Toothbrush.

If you had told me a few months ago that I would be raving & writing about an electronic toothbrush of all things I would have tipped my head back & laughed profusely at your silliness. But here we are  :)

For someone who has had an extensive history of dental care, my brushing regime has never been what you call great ...*cue flashbacks of me sat in the dentists chair sweating nervously yet nodding my head determinedly in response to the question of "do you brush twice a day young lady???*.... Dentists are like priests aren't they....you just CANNOT LIE. And I have no doubt they saw right through me O_o

I have a rare under active immune disorder part of which includes a severe calcium deficiency which resulted in very weak & brittle teeth requiring a lot of dental work, a journey I will be continuing in the next year or so with cosmetics as well. Therefore my brushing game needs to step up way above average so when I was offered the chance to try out the new ION-Sei electronic toothbrush I was more than happy to give it a go....what I wasn't expecting was for it to be an absolute game changer to my routine.

So what IS so amazing about this particular electric brush? Okay lets get science-y for a moment shall we? The ION-Sei differs from other ordinary electronic toothbrushes on the market in that it also uses Patented Ionic Technology to fight plaque. Like all other electronic brushes the ION-Sei has the vibration action for a stronger brush but on top of this it also contains an electric conductor handle which harnesses healing properties of light, metal & electricity, activated via the integrated UV Light & Titanium Dioxide Bar, which generates a flood of negative ions that curb & control plaque. So the result is a more thorough, deep & effective cleanse to permanently tame tooth decaying bacteria.

The ION-Sei comes with 2 brush heads, one soft & one dense. I have been using the softer bristles & the results have been amazing but may switch to the denser brush at some point to see the difference. There are 3 different settings for you to choose from ranging from sensitive, standard or deep mode which is activated by the pressing the power button either once, twice or three times depending on which setting you want. Once you have set it once it will start in that mode every time you switch the brush on.

Now I won't lie, from the start I was STILL a bit dubious about just how good a brush could really be. So to truly test it, I have been alternating the ION-Sei with a standard electronic toothbrush I have. 

The model of this one is similar to most electronic toothbrushes on the market with a smaller rounded head. And lets put it this way...I never thought I would actually look forward to brushing my teeth but such has become the case with the ION-Sei!

The ION-Sei has a larger brush head which makes it feel more like a normal toothbrush which I like. I felt I could cover more areas much better than with the ordinary electronic brush. The great thing about electronic toothbrushes is that they issue a prompt when it is time to move on to the next section & this is the case for both of these brushes, I'm not sure if that's the same with all....? I actually didn't know you were supposed to spend 30 seconds on each section (bottom left, upper left, bottom right, upper right) haha go figure!

Due to the innovative patented technology of the ION-Sei you don't actually even have to use toothpaste with it! However I can't imagine not brushing without so still used it anyway. And not that I'm vain or anything but I adore the sleek appearance & design of the ION-Sei, with the device itself being incredibly lightweight yet easy to grip.

The battery life is also incredibly impressive. To charge you simply plug in the holder (2 different adaptors are also provided for UK & European sockets) & stand the brush upright in the little slot for the bottom end to fit in to nicely. Once all 3 lights are lit up the brush is fully charged & ready to go & I can get a good 2 weeks before the need to re-charge which is great for if you're travelling as well.

I have been using the ION-Sei for over a month now & can already see & feel a difference in the overall condition of my teeth. I have actually stopped using the other brush as I honestly couldn't stand feeling like I hadn't done a proper clean with it now! I now find myself anticipating my next dentist visit so I can get in the chair, open my gob & go "LOOK! LOOK AT THEM!" though perhaps with a bit more class & decorum without frightening the poor guy. 

So you can safely say I am impressed & converted! The ION-Sei is still relatively new on the market but is already getting itself known amongst major publications...already it has been highly commended in Best Dental Product category of the GQ Grooming Awards & I see it achieving much more.

The brush retails for £129.99 and is available to buy online from Amazon or at John Bell & Croydon Pharmacy in London. But....exciting news is that the ION-Sei will also be available to buy from Harrods from 1st November with Selfridges eventually jumping in there this year too!  

So if you invest in something this year, I would 100% recommend the ION-Sei, our smiles and our teeth are so important so we need to look after them (& yes this is totally a pep talk for yours truly as well who has been shamefully neglectful!)

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


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  2. Looks good. Only ever used a manual. Boyfriend loves his electric toothbrush!

    1. Thank you Ananka, it really is a complete game changer and I'm recommending it to all my family and friends! xoxo


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