NOTD - Something Blue Vintage Florals

Hey there lovely readers!

I think if Princess Arora would rock a manicure then this is what she'd adorn her nails with...some traditional rose florals with a touch of blue to appease that argumentative Merryweather ;) 

This vintage style floral would also be so perfect for a wedding, most especially with the "something blue" aspect. I felt the desire to make things a bit different using a contrasting colour mix on one of the nails as an accent, in this case blue & I just love how it turned out.

For this style of rose I used the incredibly talented Annabel aka @followthatway technique for doing vintage florals, definitely check out her Instagram and YouTube! She is a floral WIZARD.

Unfortunately I didn't get to snap the polishes I used...whoopsie! But as you can see, for the majority of the nails I went for a beige canvas. On these nails I then added splodges of a deep pink polish where I wanted my roses, both big & smaller buds, then using a dark red & white polish, I added on my swirls/petals, the darker shade adding definition & the white acting as a highlight.

For the blue nail I used a pale baby blue polish for my canvas, then using a slightly darker blue, added on my splodges/roses, before again using a dark blue & white to add petals with definition & highlight. 

Finish off all your roses with a touch of greenery & topcoat for shine! Or if you want to keep that kitsch vintage vibe, then add a matte topcoat!

Hope you liked these too! Thanks as always for reading, until next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

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