NOTD - Peek-A-Boo Panda Nails for #artists4earth

Hey there lovely readers!

Coming at ya with some cuteness today with these sweet Peek-A-Boo- Panda Nails, not just for the good vibes because who DOESN'T want an adorable bear on their nails, but more importantly for a good cause too!   

The nail art QUEEN, Maria of @SoNailicious, has just started a wonderful nail art challenge calling all nail art warriors together to raise awareness for endangered species through the power of art. She's honesty such a BOSS for highlighting this important topic & how our lifestyles are currently affecting the world, its climate & its creatures.

I naturally had to take part & for my power animal I've chosen the Giant Panda which also happens to be the WWF logo. This beautiful & peaceful creature is affected by both forest destruction & poaching & thus their numbers are around only 1,800 in the whole world which is devastating. Thankfully stricter laws & wonderful charities like the WWF building amazing conservation programmes is helping make a change to all that. Hurrah! 

Now on to these nails, I honestly couldn't help but smile whenever I saw these peek-a-boo pandas blinking up at me & I've received the loveliest comments from strangers when out & about! :) And believe me when I say they were super simple!

I started with my base & well I couldn't resist diggin out Magpie and Swan, two of Models Own Speckled polishes that were ALL the hype when released a few years ago for their Illamasqua dupe status. Plus its Easter so speckled nails are a must! I alternated the two & applied the minty Magpie on two nails & the lilac Swan on two also, leaving the little finger blank for its own full panda!

Then grabbing a white & black polish, which every nail art warrior needs in their arsenal, I began creating my peeking pandas! Starting with the white, apply a half moon to the tips/bottom half of the nail.

Next grab a double sided dotting tool (or whatever you have lying around that can create wee dots!) & dot on two black ears either side of the face & a wee nose at the bottom in the centre.

I used a nail art brush to add on my black panda eye patches to make them a bit bigger & more shapely, but a dotting tool can be used for this too. Once these were dry I went in again with the white for the eyes before finish with a curved black line in the centre to add some character. As you can see on the little finger I created a whole hugging panda, freehanding the arms, legs & face with black polish & nail art brush.

I waited a good ten minutes before I went in with my beloved top to seal & shine my design but alas little pointer finger panda still suffered a bit of dragging O_o I hope you love these Panda Nails as much as I do lovelies! 

And if you get a moment do check out the hashtag #artists4earth on Instagram to see other amazing nail art warriors creations for this cause that needs awareness! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 

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