NOTD - Napping Unicorns!

Hey there lovely readers!

In today's hectic world its muchly important to get plenty of rest, even for mythical creatures.. If anything they require it more so on account of all the wish granting, rainbow farting & other strenuous fairytale activities. So today I have some magical unicorns getting some shut eye partaking in one of my favourite hobbies...napping!

Shhh lets not disturb them, gods knows what a unicorn turns into if woken up from an enchanted sleep, a lifetime of bad juju for sure, lets not find out.

Instead of white, I wanted some pretty pastel vibes for my unicorns so chose a pale pink & pale blue on alternate nails.

Here I've used two coats each of Once In A Blue Moon & I'll Take You To The Candy Shop, both pretty pastel cremes from Face of Australia.

To give an ethereal unicorn-y glow to the mani, I applied a coat of Sugar Daddy by Hard Candy, a super pretty sheer gold duochrome topcoat. I have a feeling this would look blinding on top of black, must remember to give that a try!

Now to create your sweetly sleeping unicorns which could not be easier! 

Start with a black polish & of course the obligatory fine nail art brush. I have a few, Roubloff is my favourite brand however they can be hard to find, but I HAVE seen some on eBay recently! My current favourite is the Needle brush by SoNailicious & which I used in this Snowflake look HERE. But honestly I've found some amazing brushes in just random arts & crafts stores!

Using the brush draw on to small curved semi circle like lines for the closed lids, then add on smaller curved lines along the semi circle for the lashes.

Next draw two sides of a triangle above the eyes, without completing the bottom edge for the ears. 

Now for some sparkles! I grabbed a gold polish, here I've used 24 Carat Gold by Models Own & free-handed a unicorn horn like shape in between the ears.

Then on top of the gold I applied some fabulous gold glitter by Ulta3 very aptly titled Pot O' Gold. I also added a bit of gold sparkle on the ears.

Finish with topcoat & you have yourself some magical napping unicorns! Hope you like them! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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