NOTD - Aquamarine Semi Precious Stone Nails

Hi there lovely readers!

Often, when I am uncertain of what shade of polish to pick for my next manicure, because you know, there simply AREN'T enough colours in the world, I sometimes grab a couple of polishes & throwing caution to the winds, have a play around to see if I can make my own custom shade to suit my mood!

Sometimes, when the nail gods are on your side & you mix two shades together, a magical thing occurs & you find yourself with a stunning new shade which is why I really love doing this! Don't get me wrong though...there have been times when this method has been majorly UNSUCCESSFUL. 

I find this works really great with a creme based polish for your first shade & a thin shimmery duo-chrome for the second. I've used this method a few times using the amazing Beetlejuice polishes from Models Own which made great duo-chrome "transformers". Check out my Cinderella nail art HERE to see what I mean.

Which brings me to today's nails. I wanted a gemstone to my Semi Precious Stones Nail Art Series & in one of the nail art challenges I partake in on IG, the next prompt was Aquamarine...so this is what I came up with ...

The final colour matched to the Aquamarine Gemstone perfectly! I started with a mint base using the well loved Essie Mint Candy Apple, remember when everyone & their cat went cray cray for this shade? Understandably so, it is divine! Fab formula, fab brush, fab shade, whats not to love? I applied one coat of Mint Candy Apple. 

Then for my second polish I've used this adorable little duochrome which I picked up from Natural Collection, a really lovely budget makeup brand from Boots. I actually love & really rate their mascara so I thought I'd give their polishes a go too!

This is Topaz, a super pretty fairy-tale like pale blue & gold duochrome shimmer. I applied one coat of this on to Mint Candy Apple which transformed the shade to this magical minty Aquamarine finish!

For a final sparkly touch I grabbed this gorgeous green glitter polish from Zoya called Staasi & using a dotting tool, simply applied three dots to each nail in ascending size. My go to lazy girl nail art look ;)

Finish with topcoat & BAM. Super quick yet super pretty Aquamarine gem nails in super quick time! Definitely have a go at mixing a couple of your polishes next time & see what magic you can create! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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