NOTD - Fancy Faberge Egg Nails for Easter!

Hello there lovely readers!

Gosh I've been on really bad form lately when it comes to producing new nail art for the occasion! Not only did I completely miss St Patricks Day but Easter is around the corner already & I've not done a single look! 

Blaming it entirely on the new job taking centre stage right now, but anyhoo do go have a peek at some of my previous Easter Nail Art Looks HERE, for some inspiration including cheeky bunnies & chicks galore! However if you fancy something a bit different...FANCY being the operative word here, then how about some glam Faberge Egg style nails?

I'd seen similar looks floating around on Pinterest so was eager to give it a shot myself & I think I kinda like it!

Of course not HUGELY practical on account of all the golden beads giving that fab 3D look but it was pretty & fun while it lasted!

I started with some simple golden glitter accent nails on the pinky & thumb fingers. This was acheived using From The Mine by Ulta3 which gave a fabulously opaque golden sand finish in two coats.

On my three fancy Faberge nails I started with applying one coat of Ball Gown by IZ Beauty of London as a base which was included in my Meebox subscription box (more on that in another post!) & is legit the most perfect & smooth rose gold chrome...I adore it! 

For the colour of my eggs I again reached for three Ulta3 shades which were actually part of their Easter collection years back so pretty apt for this mani I'd say! They are of similar type to the Models Own Easter range consisting of pastel creme polishes containing black glitters giving them the look of speckled mini eggs & which I used in my Mint Choc Chip nails HERE. I believe Illamasqua also released a similar collection as well so clearly many brands jumped on that bandwagon around Easter haha!

My hands did not seem to be cooperating on this day so my eggs came out more dented looking than perfect ovals but hey ho! Lets just go with these being vintage retro Faberge eggs shall we? So extra.

The purple shade on the pointer finger is one coat of Hippidy Hop, on the middle finger we have Blue Bunny & on the ring finger is Bunny Bloom. I applied the shades in a sort of reverse french so that you can still see that pretty rose gold underneath, which was the point of applying that as a base first :)

Once the eggs were I added I grabbed a fine nail art brush & using the rose gold shade again, applied a criss cross pattern onto the the eggs.

Then using clear topcoat & a toothpick I slowly added on the small gold beads onto the eggs to give them that gilded gold Faberge finish! I applied a good few coats of topcoat to seal down the gold decorations but they did still start popping off the next day but like I said, it was fun while it lasted!

Hope you liked this fancy variation on Easter Nails my lovelies! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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