Afternoon Tea Adventures - Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea at Cutter & Squidge!

Hello there lovely readers!

Oooh its been a while, these past weeks have been all manners of madness as I recently moved closer to my work. But things finally seem to be falling into place & normality can resume! Though don't get me started on how much I'm missing my furbaby Miss Kitty who had to stay with the folks as I may become a sobbing wreck!

Anyhoo speaking of kitties (oh god...my little munchkin...*sniffs*) my darling Saf & I recently spent a lovely day in our capital where we had the pleasure of partaking in Cutter & Squidges special Hello Kitty themed afternoon tea! The moment I heard of this you can be sure I booked in ASAP to get a slot ;)

Cutter & Squidge is an adorable wee cafe situated in Soho about 10 minutes from Piccadilly Circus. Our booking was for 11am (yes kinda early for afternoon tea I know!) so I arrived at our destination to find Cutter & Squidge opening their doors as we were one of the first bookings of the day.

After I had a moment to swoon over the beautiful baked goods on display, I was handed refreshment in the form of a cute milk bottle filled with pink lemonade & led downstairs to our table which was set in adorable surroundings of greenery & Hello Kitty themed walls. 

Poor Saf was a tad delayed due to silly trains so I parked myself at the table & perused the menu, including the different teas available, such as the scrumptious sounding Apple pie tea which I decided to sample whilst waiting.

Once my chum had joined me we ordered some more tea, though the apple tea was pleasant, I opted to switch to good old English Breakfast which always compliments afternoon tea well, which was brought out to us in stacked bamboo steamers, definitely different! Our lovely waitress then proceeded to let us know what treats were hidden away in each section.

First up were the sandwiches, some of which were cut into adorable hello kitty shapes, I fully believe sarnies taste a hell of a lot better when cut up in fun sizes ;) The selection was lovely, including cream cheese & cucumber, hummus & red pepper, cheese & pickle & salmon with chives, all of which can be replenished.

In the next steamer came the scones, these ones being savory making a nice difference to the usual sweet ones that are an obligatory accompaniment to afternoon tea. These were cheese flavored & were served with red pepper relish & cream cheese...NOM.

Now on to the sweet things of which there were plenty for sure! In the first sweet steamer section came strawberries (these were meant to be chocolate dipped but ours were plain? Not sure if they just forgot the chocolate haha!), cake truffles, jumbo cubes of pink lemonade marshmallow & little mango jellies.

In the next sweet steamer we had chocolate brownies, strawberry milkshake hello kitty biscuits & little macaroon biccies served with chocolate & matcha green tea dips

And in the last sweet layer came chocolate mud pies & apple pie mouse with vanilla biscuits.....hooooo mama *cue sugar overdose* I think at this point we were probably hallucinating real life hello kitty's.

If we weren't stuffed enough, we were then treated to the last stage of the tea which was some Mr Whippy style ice cream cups with chocolate or strawberry sauce. A nice cool yet filling end to our tea. We had to have some of the treats packed away as we simple couldn't put it all away!

Overall we had a lovely time experiencing the Hello Kitty themed afternoon tea at Cutter & Squidge, the staff were lovely & attentive, the treats offered delightful & uniquely different to your usual afternoon tea affair.

However there were couple of points that let things down ever so slightly, first is the time frame of 1 hour & 20 minutes, of course I understand there are booking slots, however I did feel that the tea was rushed & afternoon tea is always nicer in a relaxed atmosphere with at least a couple of hours to enjoy fully...for me anyway. Second was the price of £40 pp...quite a hefty price tag, especially if you consider the amount of time spent there. Having said that though I'm glad we got to try the Hello Kitty afternoon tea experience, which I believe is still happening until mid September if any of you fellow Hello Kitty fans want to try it too!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!

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