Makeup Winning with W7!

Hello lovely readers!

It occurred to me the other day after finishing my makeup that the majority of products I'd just applied belonged to one brand in particular & its one that completely took me by surprise! The dark horse in question...W7! A brand that has really drawn my intrigue, especially renowned for their dupes of certain more expensive brands.

Its easy to see why I've missed paying attention to the brand what with it not being hugely available on the high street, though I AM starting to see them pop up in more places now. As it turns out W7 have some pretty amazeballs products for absolutely fab prices & I thought it was high time I shared a few of my favourite ones with you!

First we have these three boxed delights, Africa, Honolulu & Honeycomb that were actually my first W7 purchases many moons ago & the love is still going strong. These 3 are all stated as bronzers however I'd say only Honolulu falls under that category. 

A beautifully warm toned matte bronzer that is perfect for my skin tone & blends so beautifully, as you can see I've almost hit pan with this it is THAT good! This is my go to contour shade pretty much every day.

Next up we have Africa which is a pretty pearlescent illuminating powder that I love to apply as a final step on top of everything to give my makeup that pretty ethereal glow that every girl loves to achieve! Isn't the product itself so pretty, embossed with a pretty leopard print design?

Then the Honeycomb bronzer, which is definitely too light to be classed as a bronzer on me however for paler skin tones I'm sure it would be perfect! I love using this to highlight my cheekbones, cupids bow, bridge of my nose & anywhere else I want a warm sunkissed glow. Each three of these powders are fantastic quality, pigmented, buttery smooth, easily blended....& just £4.95 each. What more can you want?

Next up we have some recent buys which I found in TK Maxx, one store which is now stocking W7. After the success of the boxed blushers/bronzers I was intrigued to try more so picked up the primer, eye shadow palette, foundation & cream contour sticks.

The primer (RRP £6.95) which has been compared to Smashbox & received mixed reviews has put all others on a back-shelf for me...for the moment anyways ;) I love it, the purple tone designed to brighten the complexion, this silicone based primer applies smoothly leaving my skin feeling velvety soft & creates the perfect canvas for my foundation.

The In The City eye-shadow palette which I picked up for a steal at £4.99 is the absolute BEES KNEES, not only is it compact, so a perfect travelling companion, but each shade is MATTE so perfect for everyday wear, with the option of intensifying for evening wear with the few darker shades. The shadows are smooth & apply so well with minimal fall out...I can't fault it.

I've yet to try out the cream contour sticks, I picked these up on a whim as they were only a few squids with the idea to start practicing the whole cream contour business (in which the lovely Safiyah has been educating me) but the formula of these look lovely & creamy so we will see how it goes!

For me though the golden star has to go to my final product....the Genius Feather Light Foundation. This stuff has blown my MIND. I took a bit of a risk as Natural Beige was the only shade available in store, but as luck would have it the match was perfect! Twas clearly fate ;)

I'm not a fan of heavy coverage so the title of this one definitely caught my intrigue. The matte glass bottle & pipette dispenser mixes things up a bit, packaging wise. 

I apply the foundation using a flat foundation brush, which is what I love to use right now for foundation application. 

The formula is divine, the foundation literally glided on to my skin immediately within a few strokes creating a smooth, even complexion all over. 

Due to the lightweight formula the foundation felt so light on the skin & lets put it this way...when someone compliments on how well you're complexion is looking...you know its been money well spent. And seeing as I paid a grand total of...£4.99 for this...well what more can I say? I think my MAC Face & Body has some serious competition...*cue mugshot of me wearing said miracle foundation with a slightly flabberasted Miss kitty*

So W7 are definitely winning in the makeup game in my book! Now if they could just expand & get themselves out there in more stores...they'll be laughing. At the moment I've spotted W7 in TK Maxx, Beauty Base, Asda and Fragrance Direct.

Thanks as always for reading! Have you tried anything from W7?

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. hey hun sorry if i get this wrong but by the looks of your picture i think you have an asian skin tone? I may be wrong but if you do, do you think natural beige is the best shade for indian skin with neutral to yellow undertones, my skin is on the fairer side of asian but still brown! thanks for everything xxx

    1. Hi Riya, thank you for your comment. Yes absolutely! I think Natural Beige would be perfect as it has definite yellow undertones. I recently picked up W7 True Beige which is actually more pink toned & a tad darker, I still use it, just mix it with some liquid highlighter to lighten it plus to add a dewy finish :) I hope that helps! xoxo


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