NOTD - Peek-A-Boo Panda Nails!

Hello there lovely readers! 

Okay, I am absolutely in love with this mani I have to share with you today...Peek-A-Boo Panda Bears!! Haha! I got the nail art itch & as usual wanted something relatively simple to do because I'm a bit of an eejit ya know & for these I was inspired by the amazing cutepolish. Now I'm not usually a fan of YouTube, personally preferring blogs, but I can definitely make time for this awesome ladies vids, not only is she super talented but I just love how her designs are not only stunning but fun & not too difficult to create. So here's my first attempt at re-creating one her designs, these super cute Panda Bears...

Do you like? And creating them in a mani as so easy, all you need is a base, a white & a black polish & some strategically placed spots! For this I used the Revlon Nail Art French Mix polish duo in Miss Perfect which I picked up in a set in TK Maxx.

I started off with applying a couple of coats of base colour using the pink polish in the Revlon Nail Art Duo, you don't really need to do this though, instead going ahead with creating your pandas but I like having that base to work on plus the white polish applies on top better for me.

Then using the white polish in the the Revlon Nail Art Duo I free handed on a roundish circle on the bottom half of the nail for the head shape.

Next for the ears I used the end of one of my nail art brushes as I don't have a dotting tool large enough to create big dots but this works just perfectly! Dipping in some black polish, I used Barry M Black, I just placed on two large dots on the top edge of the white circle for my ears.

Then for the little noses I just used a hair bobby pin dipped in the black polish to place my pandas noses on the tips.

Again for the eyes I used the black polish & a slightly smaller sized dotting tool to place two eyes in the middle of each white circle.

And then finally I simply added a white dot in each of the eyes using my Models Own Nail Art Pen to give my pandas lovely bright eyed pupils!

And that's it! Happy Panda Nails! Not forgetting to seal it all in with a coat of topcoat & you're good to go. The Revlon Nail Art French Mix Duo was perfect for this mani, if a little watery in consistency but I'll definitely be using it again for this kind of nail art!

Hope you liked the mani dolls & a big thanks again to the fab cutepolish for her awesome tutorials! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


  1. AAAWWW this mani is just TOO cute and I love the step by step pics. 100% going to recreate this too :) xx

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    1. Thank you so much Rhi! I'm so glad you liked it, really hope you found the steps helpful! Oooh deffo let me know if you do! :D xoxo

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    1. Hehe! Thank you my lovely Jo Jo! <3 xoxo

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    1. Aww thank you Daisy, panda bears are just so super cute! I couldn't resist giving this mani a go! :D xoxo

  4. OMG these are so cute and it's totally you! Did you wear these to work?

    1. Hehe! Thank you my lovely big sis Mrs A! And of course I did! ;D xoxo

  5. I'm drying, this is beyond cute! I have to try this ASAP!!


    1. Haha! Thank you Katie, I'm so glad you like it! Let me know if you do give it a go, would love to see! :) xoxo


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